‘Peppa Pig-My First Cinema Experience’

On Saturday (25th March), myself and Olivia were invited to London, to Entertainment One’s event, ‘Peppa Pig-My 1st Cinema Experience’.


At the tender age of three and a half, and living so far away from London, it was Olivia’s first trip to the big city, and knowing it was an hour and a half journey each way, plus tube trips and over two hours at the venue, I did have some concerns that she would be slightly overwhelmed by it all.

Oh how I love it when my children prove me wrong!

She was absolutely amazing-no breakdowns, no moaning, full of excitement and happiness throughout the entire day.  

We arrived at the Picturehouse in Piccadilly, and were shown straight into the thrall of activities.  With so much to do, Olivia found it difficult to choose-that was until she saw Peppa and George.


Happy to queue for the best part of 20 minutes, she was so excited when her patience paid off, and she got to give Peppa a cuddle and pose for photos with both her and George.

From there we went to take our seats in the screen room, and shortly before the show started, we were blessed with a visit from Phil Davies and Mark Baker the producer and animator of Peppa Pig!

Then, the lights went down and the happy, excited little voices of the audience, died down to silence.

The interactive scenes that are shown between each Peppa Pig episode were amazing.  Several times, Olivia would turn to me, open mouthed, believing that her efforts had been noticed by the characters, and had an effect on the screen.

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She sat, enthralled, watching every episode, joining in with every interactive moment and dancing and singing wherever she felt it necessary to do so.


When the screening was over, and we left, while singing about jumping up and down in muddy puddles, we were greeted by lovely Peppa staff, laden with goody bags for the lucky viewers.  The goody bags, which we looked through on the tube back to our train station, contained the most incredible Peppa merchandise, and, before we left the venue, Olivia very kindly asked one of the ladies for a bag for her brother.-an act that had me in awe of her thoughts for her brother at home, and almost in tears at my selfless little girls actions.

‘Peppa Pig-My 1st Cinema Experience’ will be launched on April 7th across cinemas in the UK.  Definitely well worth a visit with your little Peppa fans.  The new episodes are funny and educational, and some star names voice some of the new characters!

Thanks Entertainment One for the invite and the amazing experience.  It’s one Olivia will always remember as her fist trip to London and the day she met Peppa and George.

peppa                  peppapeppa

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