Potty Training – A Good Day

 I wasn’t planning on blogging about littlest mayflower and her potty training today, until she had such a good day and two new things were brought into the mix!

A common theme I’ve seen since beginning this journey is that littlest mayflower gets a little panicky when it’s time for sitting on the potty.  It’s just too low down for her I think, and she must feel so uncomfortable. 

So last night, during a restless hour, I logged onto Argos and reserved a new potty.  After only having one that cost £1 and one that cost £2, this one did seem a bit steeper at £9.99-especially when you consider you’ve basically paid that money for something your child is going to use to poo and wee in!

The Strata Little Star Potty Chair claims to help children’s confidence and help them get the hang of potty training. I was dubious because of the price tag!  What swayed me was the reviews from customers with the same issue I had with normal potties being too low.  They said their two/three year old had long legs and this was ideal as it was more of a seat than a proper potty.  Additionally, the middle of the seat where they “do their business” was a lot easier to remove and carry to the toilet.

So the potty arrived this morning (a friend kindly collected it for me) and little miss was rather excited, as she stood by the door shouting “you got my new potty?”

I read online that letting the child decorate the potty with stickers really helps them to get used to it being somewhere they go to a lot, so we dug out the bargain stickers, and I made her a label for it!

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At lunchtime, she was just about to begin eating when she said “oh no, the wee is coming!”

I got her straight off her chair and she sat, by herself, on the seat, did a massive wee, and helped carry the little pot to the toilet (she also waved bye bye to the wee wee, a ritual I’ve come to notice we’ve suddenly gotten into).

After that I decided a reward chart was a good idea.  We stupidly started rewarding her with food (way to child obesity right there), so, as she has such a massive love for stickers, I decided she’d be rewarded with one each time she did one of three things;

  1. Weeing on the potty 
  2. Pooing on the potty
  3. Good walking (I’m trying to use the buggy less now).

As you can see, she had 3 wees, (and no accidents all day I’d like to add).

She also managed to stay dry from 9am this morning until bedtime at 6:30, and she wore a nappy on the school run and didn’t wee in that either!

All in all very successful (probably the most successful so far) day today!  I’m so super proud of my little lady and how well she’s taking to it all (especially as I thought she’d be a nightmare!)

If you wanted to try the Strata Potty for your little one, I would recommend it massively (after only one days use too!) Click here for the link to the potty on the Argos website.

Happy Training!



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