Potty Training….Swings and Roundabouts 


Things I’ve learnt in the last 4 days. 

  1. My beautiful sofa has been weed on more times than I’d have liked so I’m less antsy about it now-this must be a positive, yes?
  2. My carpet wasn’t actually that clean in the first place. Now I’m using carpet cleaner each time a puddle is made, the end result is patches of clean carpet. 
  3. I prefer accidents to happen in the kitchen where there are wipeable floors! 
  4. I’m far too excited about the slightest little wee!
  5. Staring at your child will not make them wee faster….


    Littlest mayflower is very advanced with her speech and her understanding of what other people are saying. She can tell you that she needs to do wee wees on the potty, and that she doesn’t do weeing on the floor or the sofa.  So I assumed, this would be a piece of p*** (pardon the pun) to get her to understand. 

    The last two days have been pretty quiet with regards to her dryness because we’ve been out a fair bit and as I previously wrote in my last potty training blog (which you can see here) we aren’t training unless we’re at home at the moment. 

    Today we had no plans so I thought it would be perfect for a whole day of no nappy-ness! 

    It didn’t start well in all honesty

    She had a wee on the sofa, a wee on the floor (carpet not kitchen), and 3 wees through 3 pairs of pants. 

    It was at this point I thought, it may be better to stop this now and start again in a few months. My patience was wearing thin and my heart couldn’t take the strain of seeing my beautiful sofa getting any more wee on it. 

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    Then, in the space of an hour, we had a breakthrough. 1 massive wee on the potty and her FIRST EVER POO!

    Oh god the smell. The look of it. The fright on my little lady’s face when she was doing it. Gripping my hands so tight I thought she might hurt herself. 

    She was so happy afterwards though. She walked around showing her daddy and big brother (while they opened windows and I sprayed febreeze). We fed the toilet her poo and she waved it goodbye, walked back into the front room and announced, “well that was stinky!”

    I think from today I must remember for every accident, we do have the good incidents to balance them out. I also mustn’t give up. If this takes months, then it takes months, I’m not a mummy that gives up on my children and their challenges, and I know she (and I) can do this! 

    Onwards and upwards! (Or outwards?!)


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