Potty Training


Day 1 – The adventure begins 

Today is a bit of a milestone day at Mayflower Towers! Our littlest mayflower has begun the potty training journey. 

Our other little mayflower was fully dry in pants during the day by 22 months old, and dry in the night by 25 months old. It was his decision to use the potty, wear the pants, then use the toilet, so I’ll be completely honest in saying, I had very little to do with getting him potty/toilet trained. 

So now our littlest person is 2 years and 1 month old, and is showing signs of potty training readiness, we  (well I) decided it was time to try it out. 

Deciding on how I was going to tackle her-as she’s very very different in most ways to how our son was, was the first part of my challenge. 

I’ve decided to settle on, while we’re still in the first stages, to keep her out of nappies while we’re at home. Bed time will be with a nappy for now, as will times I’m out of the house. 

Around 6 months ago, we got the potty out and left it laying around so she could see it and get used to it. She was petrified of it. My mother in law then bought a Frozen toilet seat to see if maybe she preferred the toilet, but no-same issue. 

So we left it. I’ve read pushing children into potty training is no good, it pushes them further back. Until today that is……

So back to this morning-by 10:30am I’d made the decision to start, I’d got the potty out, and she’d actually sat on it-BIG step!

She then spent an hour going to the potty, sitting on it but stopping herself from going. She asked for her nappy back on, I said not until bedtime. 

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An hour and a half after I took the nappy away, holding it in wasn’t cutting it and she did the biggest wee on the potty! Momentous occasion needed a photo taken, so one of a beautiful little lady, thumbs up and smiling, next to a potty full of wee, did the rounds, being sent to various family members! 

Lunch was served, and as she sat waiting for me to bring her waffles over, as I was mid-butter, the gentle sound of a beautiful waterfall filled the room…..except it wasn’t a waterfall and it wasn’t beautiful, it was an even bigger wee than before. Except this one wasn’t being done on a potty, it had been saved for doing on a booster seat at the lunch table! 

The butter knife went flying, I ran over to her, while noticing the biggest kidlet is still looking round the room for the source of the noise of running water he can hear!

She was dry through lunch (quite possibly because she had nothing left in her bladder), and managed a sleep with pants on and no accidents! 

Another couple of hours and she did one wee when she woke up (that happened to be on my sofa) and another two in the potty (one for daddy’s eyes as proof of her brilliantness when he came home from work).

She was, in total, without a nappy for 8 hours by bedtime! 

All in all, day one was pretty successful! 

Let’s hope it continues successfully (with not too much damage to my beautiful sofa or not-so-clean-anymore floor!


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