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I was recently contacted by the team at My Picture, offering me some products of my choosing in exchange for a review.

Those of you that know me, will know how many photos I take (those on my personal Facebook that have to put up with the photo spam-I’m sorry).

Obviously I jumped at the chance to review something I have a passion for!


My Prints

canvasI ordered a total of 5 prints-One 60×40 Canvas Print, one, 20×20 canvas print, and three 20×20 prints onto Forex.

I chose the Forex because we live in a privately rented house, and in the three years we’ve been here, we’ve basically put so many photos up, I’m dreading leaving and having to fill in all of the holes!  I knew that the Forex was much lighter than the lightest canvas, so I could stick them up with something other than nails.

There are tons of other really nifty materials used, including Aluminium photo prints, and wooden backed canvas prints, which give a really upmarket feel to the finish.


Using My Picture’s Website

canvasThe process of uploading the photos required, and ordering was really very simple.  I’m used to using these services, and all of the processing side went through easier than I’d ever found a service before.
There were no issues flagged up with the quality of our photos, which I assumed would be the case as I have quite a hi-tech camera.

Once the order went through, the dispatch email also came relatively quickly.  Between ordering, and the prints arriving at my house, it was a total of four days!


My verdict

Ok, so I know you all know how honest a reviewer I am, so this hopefully won’t come as a massive shock to you all.
I wasn’t actually 100% happy with my prints.  As the photos above will show you, they’re stunning-but I really think that’s more to do with my photos, rather than the canvas and Forex quality themselves.
On closer inspection, the photos have been printed grainy and quite blurry-something that isn’t the case on the originals I took.

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canvas canvas

I emailed the team, and explained my issues, mainly preparing them to the fact that I was going to write a review that wasn’t entirely positive.

In fairness to them, they’ve been amazing.  They said that in this situation with paying customers, they would offer a reprint, and ask that the customer send the photos through again, so they could see what the issues are and rectify them if possibly.  The even offered me that same option, which I said wasn’t necessary.  Although on close inspection of the prints, they are grainier and blurrier than I would like, I won’t be stood up close to them the entire time, and the faff of having to reprint and dispose of these ones isn’t something I quite frankly have time for.

I have ordered from My Picture, prior to working on this review with them, and the prints I’ve received as a paying customer were actually perfect-no issues whatsoever, which leads me to think maybe I was just a little unlucky on this occasion.


A Discount for you!

Regardless of the issues I faced, I truly believe this a company worth buying from, based on my previous customer experience.
In the hope I haven’t put you all off completely, have given me a discount code for my lovely readers, which gives you 10% off of your next order of canvas prints.  Along with the savings already given on the site, that will save you a whopping 87%!
The voucher code redeeming process is very simple: You go to the My Picture website HERE, upload your required photo, select the desired canvas print format/s and finally – enter the name  MAYFLOWERBLOGS in the coupon code section and then your discount will apply. 
The voucher code will be valid until: 15.05.2018, so what are you waiting for-hurry over and order some prints!


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