Jim Jams Chocolate and Hazelnut Spreads Review

I was kindly sent two jars of chocolate spread from jim jams, to try out, and review!

jim jams

What i was sent

I received two jars-one normal chocolate spread, and a chocolate and hazelnut spread.

jim jamsJimJams Low Sugar Hazelnut Chocolate Spread-I’m not a massive fan of hazelnut (or any nut flavourings to be honest), so this one was definitely perfect for the Husband and little ones to try out!  According to them, it’s amazing!  My eldest has had it on bagels and toast for breakfast, and my Daughter has had it in her sandwich at nursery!

jim jamsJimJams Low Sugar Milk Chocolate Spread
-This one was definitely for me!  I haven’t stopped eating this one-I’ve had it on ice cream (and most puddings) and obviously I’ve let the other three have a little taste (not too much though, they have the other one!)


Both of the spreads have the same things in common-they’re made with 83% less sugar than regular chocolate spreads-that’s the same amount as 57 teaspoons of sugar-which means these spreads are kinder on teeth-basically, it’s the reason I’ve allowed my kids to eat it!  They use, instead of sugar, a natural sweetener called Maltitol, which gives the sweetness of sugar and regular sweeteners, without all the bad stuff that goes with them!

Additionally, both of these spreads are suitable for vegetarians, gluten free, they’re diabetic friendly, and are sugarwise certified!


Where can you buy them?

Jim Jam’s spreads are available from Sainsburys, Morrisons, Ocado, Holland and Barrett, Whole Foods and Booths!

To find out more about these products and many more that Jim Jams have to offer-plus, to check out recipes you can use Jim Jam’s products in, head over to their website HERE!

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