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Little Cook Box-Big Tastes For Little Cooks

You’ve heard of the cooking boxes doing the rounds for us grown ups, but move over, complicated recipes-there’s a new cook box in town-and it’s for the children.
That’s right-you can now let the kids take over the kitchen and cook themselves dinner, with Little Cook box!


Who are Little Cook box?

little cook boxPhilippa and Simon, founders of Little Cook Box, started the company because, as busy parents, they were struggling to feed their two boys healthy, delicious and nutritious food. The ‘old favourites’ were getting very stale and they found themselves opening the fridge time and again in search of inspiration that simply wasn’t there.

Their solution was children’s meal kits specially designed for kids aged 5 to 11 years old. Delivered weekly, each of the meal kits can be cooked in 20 to 30 minutes, making it quick and easy to get a home cooked, healthy and yummy meal in children’s tummies. All of the ingredients come pre-chopped, peeled and washed in one simple tray, so there’s no time wasted thinking up a recipe, going to the supermarket and preparing the ingredients.

Phillipa and Simon believe that the joy of mealtimes is much more than the just the eating. Spending time with your children and teaching them how to cook can be great fun, and it will equip them with the practical cooking skills that will prove invaluable in later life. By introducing them to new flavours, textures and foods, we can help our children to form better, healthier eating habits.


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How does it work?

little cook boxIt’s super simple to get your children started with Little Cook Box-you first choose your meal kits.  There are a variety of meal kits, including; Dairy Free, Egg Free, Fish Free, Gluten Free and Meat Free options.  1 kit makes 1 meal, and you can choose meal kit options; 4 meals, 6 meals, 8 meals, or 9 meals.

You choose the recipes you want, pick from the available days for delivery, and Little Cookbox do the rest!

If you happen to be out when the delivery arrives, you can also choose a neighbour to leave your parcel with, or advise a safe place you’re happy for it to be left at too.

Prices start at £23.96 for a four meal kit, which actually works out at only £5.99 per meal!


So what are you waiting for?  Get your children involved in dinner times, and give them some independence in the kitchen, by using Little Cook Box today!  Head over to their website HERE to get started!


little cook box

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