Mother's Day

Mothers Day Gift Guide

It’s just over three weeks until Mothers Day here in the UK, so I thought that some of you may need a little helping hand, for ideas of what to buy the special lady in your life!

Mothers Day



EVERYTHING over at Bee Fayre

I’m actually obsessed with this website-I find it really hard to pinpoint a favourite item!
I did manage to find these two gems that I think are perfect for Mothers Day gifts though!

Mothers Day

Bee Calm Large Candle-Buy for £24.
Scented with lavender and geranium, this natural plant wax candle, promotes tranquillity and harmony.  Burning for approximately 65 hours (and burning properly, not leaving wax all up the sides of the glass holder), is well worth the money.



Mothers Day
Bee Calm Body and Bath Set-Buy for £30.
In keeping with the Bee Calm range, with lavender and geranium scents, I absolutely love this bath and body set.
Comprising of a 200ml body wash, and a 200ml aloe vera body lotion, a pamper gift always goes down well with a busy Mum!



Adult Snuggle Sac-From Snuggle SacBuy for £60.

Mothers Day

You may remember seeing me and my obsession with Snuggle Sac, back in my gift guide for boys and preschoolers, in December.
Well lo and behold-they make them for grown up humans too!

This one is just stunning-fitting up to a length of 6ft 5, the fleece material is a beautiful shade of red, and the inside is covered in a stunning pattern.

I’m aware that this may not be a regular choice for a gift for a Mother-however, we got one for my Husbands Mother and she is beyond thrilled with it.  She lays across the sofa in it, and when her boiler packed up and left her with no heating last month, it was an absolute godsend!

The sac itself is able to be personalised, AND it comes in a cute storage bag!



Welcome to the Bear Family Wall Art-Gift PupBuy for £29.99.

Mothers DayThis beautiful piece of wall art is really very cute-and a great gift for a Mum!  With a choice of two frames-black or white, and a few personalisation options*, it’s ideal to hang in a front room, for all to see.

*I will mention, that the personalisation options, are very few.  I would have preferred to have the option to change the smaller bears up slightly, to fit in with my one boy and one girl (and to maybe remove the dummy from the smallest bear).
Additionally, a warning-the address at the bottom cannot be removed or shortened.  We are looking to move house really soon, and I didn’t really want the address shown on the bottom as it won’t make sense when we do move, and I obviously can’t share the photo of ours to you lovely lot,  because I don’t want everyone to know my address.
When personalising my frame, I did ask if the address could either be removed completely, or be narrowed right down to just my home town (as we won’t be moving from the town).  I was told once it was sent, that it wasn’t an option, and without my agreement (or confirmation), the address had been put on the bottom.
This issue, and the lack of personalisation options on this item, cannot take away from the quality of the frame or picture.  I just felt the need to prewarn anyone thinking of buying this, to make sure you communicate (and receive communication back) before confirming the order.

If you liked this blog, check out this one!  Wally The Washer from Drumond Park!


Flutter Card from BoomfBuy from £6.99!

Mothers DayMost of you know how much I love Boomf-they’re one of the nicest companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!

So when they sent me some flutter cards to have a nose at, I fell in love with them even more!

Flutter cards are basically personalised cards, personalised with your choice of a special photo, with a wound up butterfly inside.   When the recipient opens the card, out flutters the beautiful butterfly!
You can add your own message inside, and there are 8 different butterfly options too!

They’re such a special and novel way of telling your Mum how much she means to you!



Beards and Daisies Letterbox Flowers-Buy for £28.

Mothers DayI absolutely love this company!  Their flowers are just divine, and after being introduced to the new (to me anyway) concept of “letterbox flowers”, I knew they’d be perfect as the final gift in this gift guide roundup!

This particular bouquet is called ‘The Audrey’.  Beards and Daisies have lots more beautiful options for you to choose from-all at super affordable prices!

The premise is simple-the fresh, locally sourced flowers are ordered, and delivered through your letterbox.  They are wrapped to keep them safe-some of the buds are actually wrapped individually, and when you arrive home, you will find them, still fresh and healthy, on your doormat!



So there you have it-something to suit most Mums on their special day!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you special Mumma’s out there!

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