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Peanut Butter Maker Review-Find Me A Gift

We were very kindly sent a brand new product from FIND ME A GIFT-a Peanut Butter Maker!


Now, it may surprise you to know, that I don’t actually like peanut butter-or nuts in general to be honest.  So this is a random review for me-but the amount I knew my Husband and children would love it, was enough for me to give it a go!


What did we receive?

The peanut butter maker comes in a box, with a instruction/recipe book, and all of the compartments you need.

The instructions are really easy to work out-and the ingredients are super simple! (I say this because I once lost my mind when I got gifted a chocolate fountain, then realised how much goes into one of those things-ruined!)



We made two lots in the space of ten minutes, using two different types of nut-so it really is quick and simple!

peanut butter makerThe first was a peanut butter-and following the recipe, we added oil into the pipette tube that sits in the top of the machine, and the peanuts into the nut compartment.

We switched the machine on, and I squeezed a little oil into the peanuts as the instructions suggested.

What I will say, before you turn the machine on, is prepare yourself.  It’s one of the noisiest machines I think I’ve ever heard-I did comment that it sounded more like it was grinding small stones than peanuts!

However, because of how quick the butter is made, the noise isn’t an issue as it isn’t on for long.

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peanut butter makerOur peanut butter came out super smooth,  and as you can see, didn’t look massively appetising (even for peanut lovers) as it came out of the machine.  I am assured, by my Husband, two children, and Mother and Father in Law (who happened to be passing) it tasted amazing.

We rapidly moved on to a cashew nut butter, which went down even better (if possible) than the peanut one!  We sent the in-laws off on their merry way, with a jar of homemade peanut butter (and we got on making more!)

Although not dishwasher safe, the compartments and attachments are few, so cleaning away is a doddle.

There are a lot of different recipes for different butters included in the booklet, so you could have a whole array of nut butters for when people come to visit-or just for yourself!  We stored ours in the fridge, and it probably would’ve lasted a while, had it not been eaten within two days!

peanut butter maker

This definitely isn’t one of those novelty products, you buy, use once, pop in a cupboard/drawer, and forget about until you move house-we love ours, and see no point in buying peanut butter anymore-we can make it ourselves!

You can get your very own Peanut Butter Maker from the Find Me A Gift website HERE!  Currently priced at £41.99, reduced from £49.99, you’d be a ‘nut‘ to miss out! (See what I did there?)


Peanut Butter Maker
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