Valentines Day

Valentines Day Gift – Slate Photo Frame – Gifts Online 4 U

Valentines Day is fast approaching, and what better way to celebrate with your loved one, than to pick up a personalised gift from Gifts Online 4 U.

Valentines Day

Personalised Slate Photo Frame With Heart £24.99

This photo frame is made out of heavy black slate, with a heart shape cut out for the photograph to be placed in via the opening at the back.  The frame can be personalised-engraved with a unique message-I chose to have mine and my husbands names put on the top, and a message reading “Best Friends. Making Memories” along the bottom.  I actually found it pretty tricky to think of something that would fit in the characters given-I think it took me four or five goes for me to be happy with it (I’m so picky!)

Valentines Day

When I initially opened the box, I noticed a couple of pieces of the slate had come away in transit, but on closer look, I realised the slate itself is full of it’s own bumps and imperfections, because of the material used.

When I looked into it further, I understood it was because it’s made of slate, so each piece has it’s own unique pattern, with different knots and lines-meaning no one piece will ever look the same as another.

As you all know, I’m honest in my reviews, and initially, I did debate on a small blog, reviewing the basics of the frame-but in the interest of honesty, I thought I’d share another couple of opinions I have on it.

The personalisation font isn’t to my taste unfortunately-the lower two lines are lovely, but not in keeping with the font chosen for the names and the ‘and’ in the upper section of the frame.  I just wasn’t sure that the different fonts used, worked completely OK together.
I’m unsure whether font’s can  be chosen to suit your own taste-it may be worth contacting Gifts Online 4 U before you order to check.

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Additionally, I mentioned above that a couple of pieces of slate were in the box when I removed the frame-something I know is down to the material slate is-it does chip easily and it adds to the unique character of each individual piece.
However, once, removing it from the box completely, photographing it for this review, and placing it in the window of my front room, the slate completely came away from the backing of the frame.
I can obviously glue this back together-which I will be doing-but it was actually only stuck together with what looks like double sided sticky tape-I’d have assumed it would be glued together given the weight of the slate.
I can only assume this is a one off, and the tape usually holds them together fine, but it wouldn’t be an honest review without me mentioning these things.

Head over to the Gifts Online 4 U site, for more information on this item!
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Valentines Day
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