Wally The Washer

Wally The Washer from Drumond Park!

You know it’s getting to ‘that’ time of the year, when I start giving you reviews of games for the kids!  Every year I make sure the children get a new game each-and I don’t mean a computer/tech game-I mean a ‘proper’ game the whole family can get involved with!
This year, I was sent two awesome table top games, from Drumond Park (you may remember me reviewing a couple of their games last year too!)
This review is for Wally The Washer-a table top game for ages 4+!

Wally The Washer

The aim of the game is simple!  Fill your washing line to win!!

To begin, players place all of the clothes into Wally (the washing machine), and watch him spin them around.  Each player then takes turns to press the big red button on top of Wally, and watch him throw  the clothes out!

If your colour comes out, you grab it and hang it on your washing line, but, if you end up with the smelly sock then you have to put all of your clothes back in, AND, you have to wear the clothes peg on your nose!!

The first person to fill their washing line with all of their coloured clothes, wins!

Wally The Washer


I actually really struggle to find age appropriate games for the children each year, and as my daughter has only just turned five, it’s quite hard to find something she doesn’t constantly need my help with.

This game is perfect for her, and children of her age to play with friends, and their older siblings, and thankfully, there’s not much that they can row about (always a bonus!)

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Wally The Washer is available from most toy stockists, but you can head to Amazon HERE to get yours for £24.97!


Wally The Washer

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