The Big Bingo Bash-Mecca Bingo Thanet Review

Last Saturday (19th) I was invited to review The Big Bingo Bash at my local Mecca Bingo (Thanet).

The only Bingo I’m used to, is the quiet, dab-your-numbers, (usually win nothing), kind of Bingo.  This, is nothing like that kind of Bingo.

BingoBingoThe event started at 6pm, and, with the Bingo games not starting until 7:30, that gave us (myself and my cousin) plenty of time to eat, drink (and get merry).

There was also music from a live band, which got the party really started, and, before the games began, we were joined by friends, and ready to win some pennies!

Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities of normal Bingo, and Bingo during the Big Bingo Bash match up-I never win at normal Bingo, and I didn’t win any of the Bingo games on Saturday.
(That’s not to say I came away empty handed however, as you will read shortly.)

The games were presented by Bingo compère extraordinaire, Gemma, and Britains Got Talent comedy impressionist, Danny Posthill.

BingoDanny began the evening with a small stand up routine, and some hilarious impressions that had us in hysterics.
Following his routine, and him introducing Gemma to the stage, the games began!



First up, was “Fireball”, a game to get everyone out of their seats!
Hitting giant inflatable bingo balls, across the room, until the alarm sounded and it was all hands on deck to catch one of them, was hilarious.  There were people getting bashed in the face, someone smacked me in the face (in a nice fun way of course), pints and food were being knocked across tables-the whole thing was brilliant carnage!

Winners of regular games, got to go onto the stage to win additional prizes, ranging from lots of money, to toilet roll!

As the games came and went, our little quartet didn’t win a thing!

Then came a new game-Cash Grabber!

We were all asked to look under our table, to see if we had an envelope-there were only 4 available in the whole room!
I will add at this stage, although we were shown in by a member of staff, I chose my own table and seat).

I had the envelope under my table, and, after some alcohol induced confusion, I also found I had the yellow star being spoken about!  I headed up to the stage (something my regular viewers will know I couldn’t have done sober-social anxiety is a beautiful thing isn’t it!)

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Following a quick tipsy chat on stage, I was led down to a Crystal Maze style box, where I had to don a unicorn onesie, take my shoes off, and grab as many pieces of gold foil as possible, while being blown around by the fans inside of the box.




I have so much love for this photo taken by Big Bingo Bash staff-my girl squad cheering me on!

I managed to get 11, and, because I hadn’t listened to the beginning of my challenge, assumed I’d won £11.  When the amount came up on screen and I was told it was £10 per gold token, I realised I’d won £110 (and almost threw up with excitement and disbelief).
I also got to keep the unicorn onesie-once my friends had tried it on of course!


The entire evening, is like nothing I’ve ever been to before-the atmosphere is so far away from normal bingo, but it’s also the best way to play, in my opinion.  The drinks, the food, the friends, the games, and most importantly I found, the staff (especially Chris-you were amazing), made the entire night something I’ll never forget-and I’ll definitely be back!!!


Bing Bingo Bash are over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and they have a website-click to have a nose, and to see information on future events!

Also, check out Mecca Bingo Thanet-for more great events and bingo info!

While you’re clicking, nip over to my website too-for more blogs, reviews and randomness!

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