BOOMF-The Boomf Bomb & Personalised Marshmallows-Review

It was my Birthday last week (Yep, I’m now 31!)  I was spoilt to say the least, but this year, I received Birthday Blogger Mail!  


Boomf sent me two super-special products from their range of loveliness!

The Boomf Bomb!

boomfThis scared the life out of me, I’m not going to lie.  Arriving in a flat rectangle box, the only instruction was “tear here”.  Within seconds, a photo cube had launched itself out of the packet, and little confetti love hearts were everywhere.  I mean, literally everywhere; down the back of the sofa, inside my bra, in my hair, in Olivia’s hair-we’re still finding them now.
Once the confetti had calmed down, and my heart rate had returned to a normal rhythm, I managed to get a good look at the “card”.  Personalised with photos of me, my babies and the husband, Boomf really had stalked me put thought into my gift and used pictures that were special to me!  (Nice touch Boomf-well played.)

Priced at only £5.99 (I genuinely thought they’d be SO expensive), you can find more information on these over on the Boomf website!

Boomf Personalised Strawberry Marshmallows!

boomfArriving separately from the “bomb”, these came in a little box.  I’ll hold my hands up and say, I had zero idea of what was in the box, even when I opened it to see the paper with our photos on.
When I realised, I spent a large amount of time pushing and prodding the contents, not believing they were edible, but also exclaiming how I couldn’t eat the kids faces and they would be theirs to devour!
I love a marshmallow, and these are by far the best ones I’ve ever tasted!  Such an imaginative, personalised gift, I really would recommend these to give your present the WOW! factor.

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Costing a little more than the card at £15, these are so worth the money!  Find out some more information on these, on the marshmallow page of the Boomf website HERE!


My Verdict

What can I say except WOW!  Both products really were gratefully received-I loved the idea of them, the thoughtfulness put in by, let’s face it, complete strangers.

I’ve already had a mooch on the website for other people’s birthday gifts, earmarking products I know will have the desired effect for anyone I purchase them for!

Check out the other products on offer, over on the Boomf website HERE!


Boomf are giving away a box of 9 personalised strawberry marshmallows to one lucky winner!
Enter below!

Boomf-Personalised Strawberry Marshmallows



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