Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle Review

kindly sent me their Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle to review.


Upon receipt of this bottle, the first thing I noticed was its size!  Standing at 220mm, and although it looks large, the size still makes it practical to use on the go.

The bottle itself holds 600ml of water and fits into standard cup holders, and the BRITA MicroDisc has ActivSelect® Technology.  This delivers four weeks of filtered water.

The filter disc, has carbon filtration, not only filtering out taste impairing substances, but also significantly reducing chlorine and fine substances.

The bottle comes in 4 different colours, Blue, Purple, Lime and Pink, and as you can see I chose the purple one.  The whole bottle, except the filter disc itself, is dishwasher safe, and you just leave the disc on some kitchen towel while waiting for the bottle to clean.Brita


Most people who know me, will tell you I don’t drink water.  There’s always something just slightly ‘off’ with the taste for me, and because of this, I probably don’t stay as hydrated as I probably should do.
Since the bottle arrived, and, after I followed the initial cleaning instructions, I filled it straight up and the taste had already massively improved.

It’s encouraged me to drink more, not just because of the improved taste, but also because I know the impurities are being filtered out.
You can buy this bottle directly from Brita, costing £15 for the bottle and one disc, which as I previously mentioned, lasts 4 weeks.  You can see that offer by clicking HERE.

There’s also a Bottle and 7 Filter Bundle too, which costs £40.98-such good value for money!  That offer is HERE.

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You can also buy the bottles at most good supermarkets, and online shopping websites.


*Please note I was very kindly sent this product free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

3 thoughts on “Brita Fill & Go Water Filter Bottle Review

  1. Gareth says:

    Hmmm a free bottle kind of leans towards a bias review. I’m definitely not being endorsed to say this I bought the same product in blue (and one in pink for the wife) from my local supermarket chain (where you can live well for less 😉) due to the price I was expecting a perfected product, but that’s not what I got……needless to say we set them up as per the instructions and both exactly the same. My wife’s worked and mine didn’t…..the mouth piece kept sucking back in and nipping my lip when I tried to drink and the flow while I appreciate it is “filtering” was limited….

    I took mine back and it was replaced with a lime one…..still I find the flow limited but the mouthpiece doesn’t suck back in which clearly indicated a faulty product. The woman I returned it to said she had experienced the same issue with hers and just lived with it…..

    • admin says:

      Yes the bottle was in exchange for a review but I pride myself on honest reviews as you can see from others.
      Unfortunately I don’t work for the company so I’m probably not the one to come to with your fault.
      It would appear though, that your wife had no issue whatsoever-so her review and mine would’ve been very similar.
      It does sound like the bottle just didn’t agree with you which is a shame as I’m still using mine daily and have purchased extra filters, as I honestly do think it’s worth it.
      Hopefully you’ll have better luck with another bottle.
      Take care.

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