PJ Masks

Catboy! Owlette! Gekko! Let’s GO! PJ Masks!

This week we were lucky enough to be invited to London, to the PJ Masks Halloween Event hosted by eOne and  Licence to PR!
This was an especially amazing opportunity, given that Olivia watches pretty much nothing else!

PJ Masks

Walking into a Halloween and PJ Masks themed room, and being greeted with a balloon modeller, a test selection of toy merchandise, food, drink, face painting and arts and craft-you’d think Olivia would’ve already been in her element-but add on the screening of some brand new PJ Masks episodes, some Diddi Dancing, and awesome goody bag and a meet and greet with the characters themselves-you’d be right to assume, my four year old’s dreams actually came true that day.

PJ Masks    PJ Masks     PJ Masks


Diddi Dancing

PJ MasksAs mentioned above, Olivia took part in a mini dance class with the other children who attended.  Run by Diddi Dance, the children got to tap sticks along with the music, hula hoop and much more!

Diddi Dance are actually holding PJ Masks Super Dance Parties in all of their classes across the UK from Monday 30th October to Sunday 5th November to raise funds for the Youth Sport Trust – a national children’s charity dedicated to transforming the lives of children and young people through the power of sport and physical activity.

Head over to their website to find a class near you, and some more information about this weeks PJ Masks themed events!


PJ Masks Meet & Greet

PJ MasksOlivia thinks she’s Owlette-there’s no two ways to say that, she walks around with her “owl eyes” on, she often makes a cape out of her coat, or just dresses up as her.  So to be given the opportunity, not only to meet her, but also the other PJ Masks, was an absolute dream come true.
I genuinely teared up watching her little face light up as she saw the characters emerge from behind the door.

PJ Masks PJ Masks PJ Masks


Brand new pj masks episodes!

As the title suggests, it is confirmed-there will be BRAND NEW episodes coming to Disney Junior this November!
We had the pleasure of watching two of the new episodes, and were even told that there will be 3 new baddies, and two new PJ Mask characters (one of which is a robot!) There’ll be a new headquarters location, and obviously some great new stories!

PJ Masks

Make sure you’re tuning into Disney Junior throughout November and December for these exciting new episodes!


Goody bag!

As I previously mentioned, we were handed a rather weighty goody bag when we left the PJ Masks event, and, when we got back to our station, Olivia sat and went through all of the lovely merchandise we’d been given!

PJ MasksPJ Masks Twist Top Bottle ~ RRP £4.49

Available from Asda, Smyths, TK Maxx and many more shops, this twist top bottle is perfect for PJ Masks fans!  IT hold 14oz (415ml) of liquid and features a handy twist top bottle which allows the straw to be hidden away when not in use, as well as cool PJ Masks images which kids are sure to love.

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PJ MasksPJ Masks Magazine ~ RRP £2.99 (bumper issues are £3.99)

Available from Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and other retailers, this is a monthly magazine based on the popular show! Each issue is pack full of fun activities including puzzles, colouring pages and drawing competitions.
PJ MasksPJ Masks Annual ~ RRP £7.99
Available from Smyths, Amazon, Tesco and other retailers, with this annual, you can discover a year of PJ Masks fun. Jam-packed with super puzzles, games and activities, the annual has everything you need to know about the PJ Masks.
PJ Masks Time to Be a Hero Fleece Blanket ~ RRP £9.99PJ Masks


Available from Toys R Us, Argos, Amazon and other retailers, fans of PJ Masks will love this officially licensed super soft fleece blanket, featuring the crime fighting superhero team, Catboy, Owlette & Gekko. This blanket is perfect to cosy up with whilst watching their favourite TV show, the perfect accessory for any fan. Also ideal for use in the car, whist camping or at sleep overs!
PJ MasksPJ Masks Time To Be A Hero DVD ~ RRP £9.99
Available from Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Amazon and other retailers-it’s Time to Be a Hero! Join Catboy, Owlette and Gekko as the heroic trio goes into the night to save the day!
Includes 6 episodes.
PJ MasksPJ Masks Puzzle ~ RRP £5.99
Available from Amazon, Smyths, Tesco and more, these four bright and colourful designs of the PJ Masks trio Owlette, Catboy and Gekko, show the super heroes in
action, stopping the pesky villains, Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja from causing any more problems.
PJ MasksPJ Masks Vehicle (Assorted Vehicles Available) ~ RRP £13.99
Available from Amazon, Smyths, Tesco and other retailers, these four bright and colourful designs of the PJ Masks trio Owlette, Catboy and Gekko, show the super heroes in action, stopping the pesky villains, Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja from causing any more problems.
PJ MasksPJ Masks Bean Plush ~ RRP £8.99
Available from all major retailers, these soft & cuddly versions of your favourite PJ Masks heroes are the perfect size to take with you on all of your heroic night time adventures. Characters available include the fast and agile Cat Boy, the high flying hero Owlette, the super climber with super strength Gekko, and villains Luna Girl and Romeo!
PJ MasksPJ Masks Blind Bag ~ RRP £2.69
Available from all major retailers, join the action with the PJ Masks Blind Bags. Which character will you unwrap? Includes one highly detailed character PJ Masks! Look out for the ultra-rare figure! Collect all the characters in the PJ Masks world! (Each sold separately).
What an incredible goody bag-Olivia (as you can see) was thrilled with everything, and hasn’t stopped talking about her day in London with Mummy’s work and the PJ Masks.
We’re so grateful to have been able to go-and are super thankful to License to PR for the invite!!!
PJ Masks
Remember to keep those peepers peeled for the new series of PJ Masks coming to Disney Jr next month, and head over to those major retailers for the awesome merchandise listed above!!!!

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