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Last week, I was sent the latest edition of Cbeebies magazine, for my daughter and I to do together.*IMG_7652



IMG_7651This issue has a special gift of a huge colouring set in it, and, as usual, features all the Cbeebies characters your child knows and loves!



There are colouring pages, sticker pages, learning pages which include, maths work, letter writing work, and story pages for you to read to your child.

On most pages there are little tips for grown ups, to get the most out of the learning experience and extra activities you can set up away from the magazine.


This magazine is just amazing!  My daughter is only 3, so she needed me to explain some of the things that needed to be done, but once she understood, the independent side of her came out and she thought she could do it on her own!  Little did she know, I actually wanted to join in!

IMG_7653    IMG_7654

We really enjoyed doing the stickers-as they’re Olivia’s favourite thing to do day to day anyway, but she loved looking for where they go on each sticker page, and getting reward stickers for doing writing and maths activities too!

IMG_7655    IMG_7656


My favourite part to watch her do was the writing on the Alphablocks page-we already practice writing letters at home, using the dot joining method, so she knew exactly what to do, and I was able to video her doing it!


The magazine is just perfect for your little one,  and, at only £3.99, and the fact its a fortnightly magazine, I did assume it would be quite thin and with only a small amount of content!  How wrong I was!

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In my opinion (and Olivia’s opinion obviously), this magazine is well worth the money!  Although she’s a typical 3 year old, with the attention span of a broom, she really got into all of it, and is currently going back through, making sure she’s coloured everything she can.


You can find the magazine at most newspaper and magazine shops, and you can go online to Unique Magazines where they have offers on subscriptions to the fortnightly editions!


Cbeebies Magazine is over on Facebook! Go over and take a look at their regularly updated page, to get involved in activities, and find out information for you and your family! Just click HERE.

They’re also over on Twitter, so head over there too and follow their tweets, just click HERE!




*Thanking Cbeebies Magazine for sending us the latest edition to review.



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