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Christmas Board Games from Drumond Park-Review and Giveaway!

With Christmas quickly creeping up on us, it’s time to get those family board games ready for the upcoming festivities!

We were kindly sent two board games from Drumond Park-Sshh Don’t Wake Dad, and Barbecue Party!


christmas board gamesSshh Don’t Wake Dad-BUY FROM ARGOS FOR 16.94.

My kids have been after this for a while now!  The basis of the game is to reach the fridge (and the chocolate cake) before Dad wakes up!  Avoiding  The Howling Cat, Tinkling Bell And Hooting Owl, players must creep past Dad as he snores in his bed.
With lots of electronic sound effects, this game can be played by 3 or more people, and is for ages 3+ (in fairness I love it as much as they do, and I’m 31!)


christmas board gamesBarbecue Party-BUY FROM ARGOS FOR 14.99.

This isn’t actually one I’d heard of before, that was until we received it of course, then I seemed to see an advert for it on every channel!
Think Buckaroo, and you’re half way there with the description of this one!
Basically the players collect three food cards to win! The game helps younger children with their dexterity. They take a card and either place the item shown on the grill using the tongs or if it’s already there – take it off with the tongs and win that card. If they make one wrong move however, the rack will catapult the food into the air!!!  For age 4+, this game is for 2 or more players!


Both of these Christmas board games from Drumond Park are perfect for the whole family to play once they’re filled up with turkey and Christmas pudding, and now you could be in with a chance of winning both, with delivery in time for Christmas!

To enter, use the Gleam widget below-GOOD LUCK!

Christmas Board Games Giveaway!


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christmas board games
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117 thoughts on “Christmas Board Games from Drumond Park-Review and Giveaway!

  1. kelly newlands says:

    Great games! My children love board games, and I think its important to come together as a family and play and have fun together with a good board game. I would love to win this for their Christmas!!

  2. Kayleigh Watkins says:

    My five year old daughter has asked for both of these games for Christmas so this would be perfect, we are currently playing real life ssshh don’t wake dad as her daddy is nights 😂 , thank you very much for the chance to win xXx

  3. DementedDobby says:

    One of our traditions is having a new board game at Christmas and everyone joins in. My eldest is 13 and still loves family games time.

  4. Stephanie Keill says:

    How wonderful. My. Kids would love this alot. Thank you very much for the wonderful chance to enter this fantastic giveaway.

  5. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    We love board games and having games night and we would love to add these games to our collection.

    Thanks for the chance to win

  6. Oliver Evans says:

    Love a good board game after dinner on Christmas ay. Followed by a fight with my brother, we are now 36 and 39 and it will happen! Been catching him robbing from the bank in Monopoly for decades, or writing very small the word of what he is trying to draw in Pictionary!
    No doubt Mom will break it up and open a ‘tin’ (now plastic tub) of Roses, then we’ll row over whether its Gremlins or The Goonies 🙂

  7. Teresa sheldon says:

    These look fabulous games we love playing board games with the boys i really think they would love shh dont wake dad they would find it funny

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