Christmas Gift Guide 2017 ~ Gifts for Men

It’s that time of year again people-the last payday before Christmas is almost upon us, so the panic buying can commence!
So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a helping hand-and give you some ideas for presents with some handy gift guides!

Todays gift guide, is for Men!


MenMach3 Turbo Razor, Justice League Gift Set + 2 Blade Refills + Exclusive Virtual Reality Headset from GilletteBuy from Amazon for £8.66.
An ideal gift for the hero in your life-this perfect present gives you the power of Mach3, with something for a tech lover included!  This gift set comes with a VR headset, enabling the recipient to have some fun when they receive it at Christmas!
The razor also comes with two more blade refills, so for the price, you’re definitely getting a great deal!


MenPommery Royale Mustard With Cognac from Sous ChefBuy from their website for £9.50.
This may sound like a “different”option for a gift guide-but for the man that has everything-the man that makes every Christmas an absolute nightmare when it’s time to choose their gift-this product is more perfect than you’d imagine.
Firstly, and most impressively, its HUGE-500g to be exact (imagine a large jar candle-it’s that size).
What makes it even more striking to look at is the stoneware jar and golden wax seal, the mustard is finished with!
Made with gourmet wholegrain mustard and luxurious cognac it really is such a special gift for a special man in your life.


MenDouble Trouble Spurs Print from The Art of FootballBuy from their website for 9.99.
If you read my previous gift guide for boys aged 7-10, you’ll be familiar with this type of product-I absolutely love these prints and the variety of products they can be printed on!
This print matches the boys tshirt, and features Tottenham footballers Dele Alli and Harry Kane.
You can have the print framed, or on a canvas-there are SO many options (and other teams are available-we jut prefer Spurs in this house!)


MenStriped Crew Neck Jumper from DobellBuy from their website for £9.99.
Quite honestly, I look for two things when buying clothing for men in my family-good quality, but bargains too!
I’ll hold my hands up and say I’ve never heard of this company before-but it is AMAZING!  Affordable items, and good quality-this jumper especially is SO soft and cosy!
Definitely a company worth going back to, again and again!



MenSega Megadrive with 81 games from SegaBuy from Argos for £34.99.
I don’t even think I need to write anything for this one-anyone who used to own one of these as a youngster, knows how flippin’ awesome they were-and how much fun they’d still be as an adult!
There are 81 classic games, built in to this console, it comes with two controllers, and you can still play old style classic games on it too!!
It’s currently on offer in Argos-so for only £34.99, when it usually retails for almost double that, so get down to your local Argos and pick yourself one up!


MenCartwright & Butler, Rhubarb & Custard Sweets, Salted Caramel Biscuits and Toffee’s from Milk & More-Buy from the Milk & More website (link on the above products).
Let’s face it-the way to a mans heart is definitely through his stomach-so what could be better than toffees, biscuits AND sweets!
Rhubarb & Custard sweets actually happen to be one of my husband’s favourites!  Luxurious and decadent, the mix of tangy Rhubarb and creamy custard is a proper family favourite.

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MenThe Salted Caramel biscuits, come presented in a beautiful, reusable gift tin with a kilner style lid, and are lovely with a cuppa!


The toffees are deliciously moreish, and perfect to be added into a food hamper (another way to a mans heart-lots of food in one place as a gift!)


MenSekonda Brown Watch from –Buy from Amazon for £25.00.
A watch is that one present that’s saved for Christmas isn’t it-it’s definitely something I go back to when I can’t think of anything else.
To be honest, there’s tons-so I’ve narrowed it down to this one for you!
What I loved about it is the colour-I know, I know, it’s brown-but I’ve not really seen a watch before where the strap and the face are both brown!
I think it looks really classy, but also perfect for weekend wear!


MenPaco Rabanne 1 Million Eau de Toilette for Men-Buy from Amazon for £31.51.
Another “go-to” present of mine-aftershave!  This is my favourite scent for men-it’s not overpowering, and almost floral (in a manly way obviously!)
The bottle it comes in is stunning too-the gold outer casing and the easy to use spray makes this a really great (and affordable) gift!


MenMen Rock Complete Beard Care and Moustache Care Gift Set-Buy from Amazon for £20.65.
Right so lets address the elephant in the room-as much as some of us women don’t want to admit it, but the grooming regime men now have, on their beards of all things, is taking over our lives.
My Husband has a beard-not a massive one-but one that suits him and if it was removed, one that would make him look odd.
His Brother on the other hand-although his beard also suits him-is slightly larger than my Husbands-and, for his Birthday this month asked for beard oil!
Suddenly, men are spending more time on their hair, than women do on theirs!
This set from Men Rock is a really nice little gift-and is super affordable!
Included inside the set is; Beard Oil, Beard Oil, Moustache Wax and a Moustache Comb, all from Men Rock!


MenDad Life Sweater from Momma MakesBuy from their website for £18.99.
Momma Makes were actually featured in the first gift guide this week-for busy Mums.  Their products are worth talking about-I could promote them constantly-not just for their great items, but because they’re affordable AND they’re a small business!
This sweater is all about Dads-it features the slogan “Dad Life”, and comes in Grey or Black.
At only £18.99, this is a perfect gift from a child to their Father, or just from you to your partner-or even your own Dad!


So there you have it!  There are my top 10 gift ideas for boys aged 7-10!  Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s gift guide-there are going to be seven altogether, one for every day this week!  while you’re here click over to yesterdays gift guide for boys aged 7-10!

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