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Christmas Gift Guide 2017 ~ Book Ideas For Kids

It’s that time of year again people-the last payday before Christmas is almost upon us, so the panic buying can commence!
So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a helping hand-and give you some ideas for presents with some handy gift guides!

Todays gift guide, is to give you ideas for books to buy for kids!

book ideas

book ideasFantastically Great Women Who Changed The World by Kate PankhurstBuy from Amazon for £5.59.
As you can probably guess from Kate’s surname, she is a living descendant of Emmeline Pankhurst-one of the fantastically great women, featured in this book.
Full of strong, bright, independent women-this beautifully illustrated book is perfect for your little girl, to show her how females in this world still manage to make a difference, even during the gender discrimination that unfortunately still takes place!


book ideasOh The Places You’ll Go! By Dr SeussBuy from Amazon for £2.13.
Show me something who’s not a fan of Dr Seuss?  Our favourite is The Lorax at the moment, but I really love this book and was desperate for the children to have it!
Preparing the reader for mishaps and adventures along their journey of life, this is perfect for keeping your little ones on the straight and narrow, with the added fun of a Dr Seuss book!



book ideasZog and the Flying Doctors by Julia DonaldsonBuy from Amazon for £3.99.
Fans of Julia Donaldson like myself and my children, that collect all of her books, will know that this is the second book about Zog-the first, just called “Zog”, told the story of a Dragon learning to be, well, a dragon!  He meets a princess and a knight, who both want to be doctors, and he decides to elope with them, as their ambulance!
This book follows on from that story, and is as beautiful and awesome as the first!


book ideasThe Ugly Five by Julia DonaldsonBuy it from Amazon for £6.00.
In keeping with what I mentioned above-that we collect all books by Julia Donaldson, I’ve added in the newest book to her (and now our) collection, with The Ugly Five.
Telling the tale of five animals from Africa, each with their own hangups, but rejoicing in their ugliness-and giving us, the reader, the opportunity to celebrate them!


book ideasBirthday Boy by David BaddielBuy it from Amazon for £5.00
Did you ever wish it was your Birthday every day as a child?  That’s exactly what the main character in this story, Sam Green, does-and obviously, it doesn’t go entirely as he’d imagined it would have done.
Just in case anyone was wondering-yes this is THE David Baddiel you’ve seen on TV, most memorable as I was growing up for the song Three Lions!



book ideasThe Creakers by Tom Fletcher-Buy from Amazon for £5.99.
Myself and my Son are massive fans of Tom’s, and last year read the Christmasaurus to get us in the mood for Christmas-something we will do once again this year!  This book however, is not about Christmas-think more about monsters under the bead, and even all of the grown ups disappearing!
I was super lucky to get hold of a signed copy for my Son for Christmas-I literally think he may lose his tiny mind when he sees it!

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book ideasA World of Information by Richard PlattBuy it from Amazon for £13.79.
This beautifully illustrated information book, is jam packed, full of the facts and figures.  For those with children of an inquisitive nature, this book is going to be a winner for them.  The price is a little higher than the others I’ve added into this gift guide, but it’s not a normal sized book-it’s much larger, and you’re really getting an incredibly informative book for that price!


book ideasMatilda & The Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover by Matilda Ramsay-Buy from Amazon for £13.60.
If your child like my 7 year old, is a budding chef (seriously, his idol is Jamie Oliver), then this is perfect!
Tilly Ramsay started off with her Ramsay Bunch series over on the kids channel CBBC.  This year, she released this book-showcasing some of the recipes seen on the show, with a few additional extra ones thrown in too!
The food isn’t complicated to make, and because Tilly is relatable as a child, to the children that watch her, they don’t feel overwhelmed by the recipes!


book ideasIllustrated Classics for Boys (Usborne Illustrated Story Collections) by various authors-buy from Amazon for £15.88.
This book is HUGE!  Filled with classic stories I was read when I was younger-this is a great book to pass on those old tales and fables to your own children.
With stunning illustrations, and a beautiful cover, it would also be a lovely book to be handed down through generations.


book ideasPoo: A Natural History of the Unmentionable (Animal Science) by Nicola DaviesBuy from Amazon for £4.87.
Kids love talking about poo-boy or girl, it doesn’t matter-they all have poo on the brain (not literally obviously).
This book is exactly what it says-it’s about poo.  Human poo, animal poo, insect poo-you name it, it’s in there.
There’s no need to be squeamish and put yourself off buying it-the children will love it, so get it!


So there you have it!  There are my top 10 stocking filler ideas!
Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s gift guide-there are going to be seven altogether, one for every day this week, and tomorrow’s is the final one!
while you’re here click over to yesterdays gift guide for stocking filler ideas!


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