Christmas Gift Guide 2017 ~ Gifts for Boys Aged 7-10


It’s that time of year again people-the last payday before Christmas is almost upon us, so the panic buying can commence!
So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a helping hand-and give you some ideas for presents with some handy gift guides!

Todays gift guide, is for Boys Aged 7-10!


BoysGrit Atom Stunt Scooter from SkatesBuy from for £69.99.
Definitely something on most boys wish lists this year-especially my Son’s, this stunt scooter is great quality and an even better price!
A solid frame, and available in  four colours, it’s a great first time beginner stunt scooter-great for getting your child into stunt scootering!


BoysDouble Trouble Tottenham Hotspur Tee from The Art of FootballBuy from their website for £14.99.
Don’t panic, I know not all boys are into the same football team-this is purely being chosen based on my Sons favourite team (obviously he had no choice because his Daddy and Grandad both support Spurs.)  There are other teams available, and other colours!  This tee comes in white and blue, and features the Spurs players Harry Kane and Dele Alli!


BoysThe Flash Tribute Print from Smart Arts GalleryBuy from their website for £12.00.
This is actually one of two prints I’m promoting on this gift guide-I fell in love with them and felt the need to include both-they’re just so amazing!
Textured art isn’t something I’ve seen before, especially not first hand, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of this.
Measuring 16.5×11.7 inches this fine art print is produced on heavyweight 300gsm textured art paper and is shipped rolled in a tube, so it doesn’t come battered by the postal service-the colours used and the way the picture is printed is like nothing I’ve ever seen.  As your little one gets, well, not so little, these sorts of prints for their bedroom wall are perfect to grow with them!


BoysBB8 Tribute Print from Smart Arts GalleryBuy from their website for £12.00.
So as I mentioned above, there were two prints that I wanted to promote, simply because the quality of them took my breath away.  This is the second one, a tribute print-once again textured-of Star Wars character, BB8.
My Son is obviously a massive Flash fan, but he shares his love of Star Wars with his Daddy, especially BB8.
Once again, this print is vibrant in colour, and of the finest quality!


BoysBrainBox, Roald Dahl from The Green Board Game CompanyBuy from Amazon for £19.99.
If you’re familiar with BrainBox games, you’ll know that this is just a theme twist on the basic one.  For those that don’t know what these are, let me enlighten you!
BrainBox games are memory games, suitable for children aged 8 and up.  The box includes a 10 minute brain challenge, and can be played individually or as a group.  As the title of this product suggests, the questions and challenges surround the theme of Roald Dahl!


BoysBoysBush MP3 player with EasySMX Headphones-Buy the MP3 from Amazon for £14.99 and the headphones from Amazon for £11.99.
This seems to be an age when children really get into music.  Obviously my Son asked me for an iPod-which would never happen at the age of 7, but I did manage to convince him that, for what he wanted a music player for, an MP3 would be just as good.
I managed to find this Bush one and although it looks basic, it’s actually incredible for the money!
To go with it, I wanted some good quality headphones-he had some cheapies to plug into his DS and tablet and they were just awful.  These Easy SMX ones are amazing quality, and actually come in a cute little display box!

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BoysJustice League Figures-The Flash, Batman and Superman-Buy from Amazon for £33.98.
If I said these were the first figures we’d got for our Son, it would be a massive HUGE lie-he literally has all the Marvel figures!  He was desperate to get The Flash, so, when I saw that they sold all three of these in one pack, I knew I just had to get them!
They’re the usual 12 inch sized ones, all are posable (and all are very well designed!).


BoysNavy Star, Teen Sleeping Bag from Snuggle SacBuy from their website for £50.
If you read my previous gift guide yesterday for preschoolers, you’ll have seen this company were featured in that.  I decided to get a teen sized sleeping bag for my Son, due to him then being able to grow with it, and, as the quality is so good, I know it will last that long!
The designs on the teen section of the Snuggle Sac website are definitely better for older children-I know my Son wouldn’t want a pirate one when he gets a little older, so this Navy Star one seemed perfect for him for the long term.
Soft and portable-these are great for sleepovers-something that will probably become a lot more frequent as he grows.


BoysGummy Delight Sweet Hamper from GiftpupBuy from their website for £39.99.
This hamper is bursting with over 20 Jelly and gummy sweets! Think Cola Bottles, Fried Eggs, Jelly Babies, fizzy blue bottles, juicy lips and so much more. (The hamper is actually amazing on it’s own-I’ll be stealing that once the many sweets have been eaten).
The hamper can be personalised, and the sweets are actually really good quality-not cheap sweet shop tasting like some can be!
A really cute gift when you’re trying to think of what else you can get your young one!


BoysMeccano Micronoid Building Set Robot-Buy from Amazon for £33.88.
We love Meccano in our house, but I’ve not seen anything like this before-and especially not seen Meccano for such a good price.
These robots come in three different colours, red, blue and green, and all fit in the palm of your hand!
You basically build his body to help him move around, then you can programme how he moves-with push button programming, he can then walk, turn and smash through obstacles!
If you buy the other Micronoid they will also interact with each other and they even dance when music is played!


So there you have it!  There are my top 10 gift ideas for boys aged 7-10!  Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s gift guide-there are going to be seven altogether, one for every day this week!  while you’re here click over to yesterdays gift guide for preschoolers!

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