Christmas Gift Guide 2017 ~ Family Board Games!

It’s that time of year again people-the last payday before Christmas is almost upon us, so the panic buying can commence!
So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a helping hand-and give you some ideas for presents with some handy gift guides!

Todays gift guide is the last one of the week!  And I’m here to give you ideas for some great family board games!

family board games

family board gamesAccentuate-Buy from Amazon for £16.00.
A hilarious guess-the-accent game, perfect for a family get together, featuring 30 accents from around the world, including homegrown British accents ranging from Scouse to Cockney.
You basically mimic the accents with your voice alone, and realise just how bad (or good) you are at doing accents!


Pie Face Showdown from HasbroBuy from Amazon for £16.99.
family board games
If you haven’t heard of Pie Face, where have you been?  This is the next game released by Hasbro in the Pie Face theme-the difference between this and the original one, is that two players can pay at the same time!  You go head to head with your opponent, attempting to get the hand with cream on over to the other players side to get them pie faced!


family board gamesGame of Things from Quinn & Sherry-Buy from Amazon for £32.99.
Think Family Fortunes, and you’re kinda half way there with this game.  Each player takes turns answering questions from their own personal opinion, they hand it back to the person reading out the responses, and the others have to guess who it was that answered!



family board gamesKerplunk from HasbroBuy from Amazon for £17.95.
This classic game is a firm family favourite in many people’s homes!  For those unfamiliar with how you play it, you have to remove sticks from the plastic container without letting marbles drop down-the player with the least amount of marbles at the end wins!


family board gamesHarry Potter Trivial Pursuit from Winning MovesBuy from Amazon for £8.80.
We’re massive fans of Harry Potter in his house, and I’m pretty certain myself and my Son know everything about everything to do with it!
This is all about the famous wizard and the films, and you play it exactly like the regular Trivial Pursuit!


family board gamesDisney Classic Monopoly from Winning MovesBuy from Amazon for £32.99.
We all know how to play the classic Monopoly game, but what’s better than the normal classic one?  The Disney one of course!!!
With lots of lovely cute Disney characters, play as your favourite and buy all of the famous Disney landmarks to win the game!

If you liked this blog, check out this one!  Wally The Washer from Drumond Park!


family board gamesSshh Don’t Wake Dad from Drumond ParkBuy from Amazon for £24.99.
I recently did a review on this game, and the next one on the list (and there’s a giveaway for both-go see!)
This has to be one of the must have board games on kids wish lists this year, I’ve seen it advertised on most of the childrens TV channels-and the kids love it!
Reach the fridge and get the cake, and avoid pressing the alarm clock to often, so that you don’t wake Dad!


family board gamesBarbecue Party from Drumond ParkBuy from Amazon for £14.99.
This was the other game from Drumond Park in my giveaway blog-think Buckaroo, just with food on a barbecue rather than cowboy items on a horse!
You have to collect and cook three different types of food to win, but being careful, because the barbecue can catapult it into the air at any point!!!


family board gamesPig Goes Pop from John AdamsBuy from Amazon for £21.01.
We LOVE this game in our house!  You roll the dice, pick up a burger that matches the colour you’ve rolled, which will have a number on the bottom, and you push down the pigs hat the amount of times you’ve picked up!
At some point, the pig will be too full, and his tummy will pop out, bursting through his belt and shirt!
Super fun for all the family!


family board gamesThe Yes! No! Game from Paul Lamond GamesBuy from Amazon for £6.53.
The game you can’t say no to!  If you answer yes or no to any of the questions, the person asking them dings the bell!
It’s super simple, and something that can be enjoyed by young and old (it’s actually really funny watching little ones do it)!


So there you have it!  There are my top 10 ideas for family board games!
This was the final installment of my week of chrismtas gifft guides!
while you’re here click over to yesterdays gift guide for books!
I hope you enjoyed them all-and make sure you check them all out to get some ideas for the whole family!




family board games
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