Christmas Gift Guide For Boys

Christmas Gift Guide For Boys 2018

iT’S day two of our 2018 christmas gift guides-so today, we give you some handy hints for lovely gifts for your little boy!

Christmas Gift Guide For Boys


Christmas Gift Guide For BoysStar Wars 40th Anniversary Retro Collection Pack from Maped Helix-Buy from Amazon HERE for £14.99.
In 1977 the UK company Helix collaborated with Lucasfilms to produce a range of Star Wars stationery. To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the iconic movie franchise Helix have revived the original Star Wars range from 1977. For a limited time only the Helix Star Wars range is once again available to buy and own. 
The complete Star Wars set includes a maths set, HB pencils, a Death Star sharpener, a Storm Trooper ruler and pencil case. 


Christmas Gift Guide For Boys
Aluminium Drinking Bottle from Sigg-Buy from Amazon HERE for £17.41.
The Swiss original with child-friendly kids bottle top. Made from a single piece of high-quality aluminium, making it light and strong. It keeps a tight seal, even with carbonated drinks. The highly elastic interior coating is resistant against fruit acids, is tasteless and free from BPA and Phthalates.



Christmas Gift Guide For Boys170 pcs Mini Basic 70 pcs Mini Basic Racing Car from PlusPlus-Buy HERE for £7.50.
Build your own black, white and red racing car with this 170 piece Plus-Plus ‘Mini’ Racing Car set. If you are new to Plus-Plus, this is a great set to ‘test the waters’.
Each ‘Mini’ piece measures 20mm and is ideal for children aged 5 – 12. The simplistic shape allows for endless possibilities, limited only by imagination, and models can be as simple or complex as you wish. Not suitable for children under 3 years.


Christmas Gift Guide For BoysGeomag 135″ Magicube Safari Park Building Set-Buy from Amazon HERE for £35.00
This set contains 14 magnetic cubes to help build 6 different creations set in the Savannah. And it doesn’t end here: the box also contains 2 cards full of ideas and building tips. This set has been developed for children aged 18 months and up. Geomag Magi cube is the new construction system created by Geomag, the leading company in magnetic toys. Geomag has re-invented the construction game with new magnetic cubes, making it more fun and most of all magical! The cubes can be attached together from every side and even remain suspended! This helps to make wonderful constructions that are easy to build for everyone, including small children.


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I hope this gives you some great ideas!!!

Christmas Gift Guide For Boys

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