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Christmas Gift Guide 2017 ~ Stocking Filler Ideas

It’s that time of year again people-the last payday before Christmas is almost upon us, so the panic buying can commence!
So, I’ve taken it upon myself to give you a helping hand-and give you some ideas for presents with some handy gift guides!

Todays gift guide, is to give you ideas for Stocking Fillers!

Stocking Filler

stocking fillerItty Bitty’s from HallmarkBuy from Amazon from £5.99.
You may have seen a little while back, I actually did a review on these, after the children were sent an array of different characters!
What’s more, at this time of year, the brand new festive themed characters are absolutely perfect for your little ones stockings!


stocking fillerSpiderman Bath Bomb from WilkoBuy from their website for £1.50.
Both of my children (including my Daughter) love Spiderman!  This is a great price for a great product-it turns the bath red, and bath bombs can actually promote water confidence in children who are nervous of the bath.


stocking fillerMinions Extra Soft Battery Toothbrush from ColgateBuy from Amazon for £3.48.
A toothbrush is an absolute must in my kids stockings-they always get one from their Dad and myself, and my Mother-In-Law does the same with the stockings she does at her house!



stocking fillerLego Minifigures-Buy from Amazon for £5.99.
Tiny figures-made of Lego-in blind bags, what could be better!  Perfect size for stockings and, as each one is a surprise, you could put more than one in and they’ll never get boring!



stocking fillerRoald Dahl Top Trumps from Winning MovesBuy from Amazon for £5.99.
If you saw my previous gift guide for boys, you’ll know how into Roald Dahl we are and how much of a great option I think Roald Dahl themed gifts are (even as a stocking filler)!
These Top Trump Cards are no different from the classic game of Top Trumps-the only difference is that you’re playing with Roald Dahl characters!


stocking fillerSanta Milk Chocolate Coins from WilkoBuy from their website for 50p.
Every year I like to pop some chocolate coins in the kids stockings-they don’t get selection boxes or any other sweets/chocolates from us as they tend to get a fair bit from family.
Not only are these a cute addition, especially with the Santa design, but at 50p per bag, they are affordable too!

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stocking fillerSlime Baff Bath Powder from Amazon-Buy from Amazon for £4.99.
The best place for messy play (aside from at school where I can’t see it, or in the garden in Summer months), is in the bath!
For those of you that haven’t used this slime stuff before, you’re really missing out!  It’s easy to use and fun for the children-and easy to clean up (which is obviously the most important!)


stocking filler

Flick-A-Chicken from Home Fusion OnlineBuy from Amazon for £1.64.
This is one of the coolest stocking filler presents I’ve ever seen-the concept is simple-put your finger in the chickens head, pull the legs back, and let the chicken fly!



stocking fillerRidleys Whoopee Cushion-Buy from John Lewis for £3.60.
If you’re going to get yourself or someone you love a whoopee cushion for a stocking filler gift, make sure you get a good one.  This is one of the best ones on the market-I’m pretty certain they last forever.
What’s more fun than playing fart jokes on family members-kids love it (as do adults!)



stocking fillerA Satsuma-Buy from Tesco for 32p.
Yes you read it right, a satsuma.  Every year, I add a satsuma in before anything else-so that it sits in the foot of the stocking for the children to discover at the end.  We’re now at the stage after doing this for so long, that they look forward to finding their fruit, and sit happily eating it while looking through their loot.  It’s just a little tradition I love doing-and thought I’d pass it on to anyone thinking of starting a new tradition with their family.


So there you have it!  There are my top 10 stocking filler ideas!
Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s gift guide-there are going to be seven altogether, one for every day this week!  while you’re here click over to yesterdays gift guide for men!

stocking filler
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