Despicable Me-Kids (and Grandad’s) Minion Bundle

License to PR sent the kids this massive bundle of Despicable Me, Minion goodies!


I should probably explain the title of this blog actually-the bundle was sent to the children-but my Dad is one big kid himself, and when I sent him the above picture, he asked which bits were his.  After consulting with the kids, they handed over their flashing ball and pencil case!

There was absolutely tons in this box, as you can see-so this review is going to be done a little differently to my normal ones.  This effectively is part one of the review!

We separated the swim ring, swim bag, the ball, frisbee, bat and ball set, bucket and spade set, the wipes and a pack of tissues, from the rest, for a very good reason.

In a week, we’re off on holiday with Haven, and we realised how awesome it would be to take these things with us-so they will now feature in our vlogs and blogs of our holiday-definitely something to keep your eyes peeled for!

DespicableThe notebook and pen actually came in real handy.  Kye wanted to keep a diary of his summer holidays to take back to school with him, and to stick souvenirs into-something which we were going to buy him-now we don’t need to!  He’s already five pages in, and uses the minion pen every time without fail-summer holidays sponsored by Minions!

He also suffers with nightmares, and for a few weeks now, we’ve had to keep our landing light on and his door ajar, as he’s become scared of the dark.  As soon as we saw the fairy lights, we knew they’d be perfect for him to have in his room, and we wasted no time in putting them up-he loves them, (as does my electricity bill!)

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DespicableDespicableThey both share the minion costume, it’s probably the most excited I’ve seen them in a while.  They love shouting BOONANA at the top of their voices while wearing it (which doesnt get annoying at all, honest), and they look pretty hilarious in it, as you can see!

The backpack was used on a recent blog even trip to london with Cadburys, and the folder went straight into Kye’s art cupboard (he loves a folder).

Olivia has spent the majority of her time fanning herself with the hand held fan, and we’ve had plenty of bath times squirting each other with the water pistol.

Honestly, this was the most amazing blogger mail-we’re so thankful!

As I said before, keep an eye on here, and my YouTube channel, for when the Haven vlogs/blogs go live (sometime in mid-August), for more of our Minion merch reviews!

Once again, thank you to License to Pr for utterly spoiling these two!

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