Fountain Pen Friday-National Stationery Week


Today is Day Five of National Stationery Week!

Just in case you didn’t catch yesterday’s National Stationery Week post for Thank You Thursday, have a nose HERE Thank You Thursday-National Stationery Week
Throughout this week, I’ll be sharing a post a day on here, with some of my top choices for your stationery needs, and some of our family favourites!

Today’s theme is Fountain Pen Friday!!!

To coincide with this theme, myself and Kye wanted to show off our fountain pens!fountain


His tongue is literally always out!


fountainKye got his for Christmas in his stocking from Santa Smiggle for £2.
Mine is from Stabilo and is very similar to Kye’s.  I’ll be honest-I rarely used a fountain pen until I got this one.  Reminding me a little too much of school days, burst ink cartridges and messy hands-I always found it quicker (and cleaner) to jot my notes with a biro.
Once receiving this however, I realised how much I’ve been missing out on!  Easy to load with ink, not as messy as I remember (that may have had something to do with me being 20 years older than I was at school), and allowing me to write with the same ease as I do with a biro, there’s really no reason I shouldn’t use a fountain pen more!

Stabilo don’t have this design available at the moment, but they have a beautiful pink one in the same style for £6.93 from Amazon and you can pick yours up HERE!


Why don’t you get involved with National Stationery Week!  Grab your favourite stationery and get creating!!!!  For more inspiration, head over to the National Stationery Week website HERE!

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Please note I was sent these stationery products for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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