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Hands up if you love fudge!

I do!  I mean I love pretty much any food-I’m one of life’s “grazers” (like a cow really), but how much more fun is grazing when there’s fudge involved!?


Fudge Kitchen sent the little ones their very own fudge-making kit!

Obviously I wasted very little time in getting them straight to work in the kitchen-whipping up some fudge for myself and their Daddy (and them of course-I suppose they should be allowed a little bit-as they made it….)


Who are Fudge Kitchen?

After first making fudge in the UK, as Jim Garrahy’s Fudge Kitchen, back in 1983 the fudge recipes used today date back to 1830, and are made, as they were back then, by hand, on marble slabs.

The fudge is freshly made and sold at shops in Bath, York, Cambridge, Windsor, Edinburgh, Oxford, and right by me in Canterbury!
You can visit the shops, try a free sample and catch one of the unique fudge making demonstrations.

You can also buy your fudge online over on the Fudge Kitchen website, and, once you’ve purchased your delicious fudge, although it probably won’t last long, they’ve prepared some advice on caring for fudge (just in case).


Our Kit

Included in the children’s fudge making kit was;

  • fudgeIngredients for three types of fudge-Double Chocolate Explosion, Rocky Road and Vanilla Rainbow.
  • Instruction booklet.
  • A sugar thermometer.
  • Two fudge making tools.
  • Decorating inclusions
  • A piping bag.

I thought the only thing that wasn’t included was whipping cream-and felt lucky that I’d noticed this was needed prior to setting the children up to make it!  However, there were so many other utensils needed, it took us a while to actually get round to do it!

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Make sure you read the instruction booklet before you even plan on making the fudge.  The recipe is easy, but the method isn’t always kid-friendly, and the process is really lengthy (meaning like my little ones, your children may get a bit bored with the waiting).


Priced at £25.00, which would appear expensive on first glance, the amount of ingredients and tools you get in the kit, makes the price pretty acceptable!

Remember, to see more of the Fudge Kitchens kits and fudge related products, head over to the website HERE.


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I was sent this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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