Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 3



There were occasions, during our holiday-when it was raining for example, we chose to head out in the car and explore the local area.  There’s so much to see and do in and around Poole-and before we’d even arrived we’d already had a look round on the internet, and, had our days planned!


Outside of Rockley Park

Bournemouth; 30 minutes away from rockley park.

RockleyOn the third day of our holiday, we ventured into Bournemouth for the evening.  Dinner plans were simple, we booked a table at Cafe Rouge before we arrived, and printed off Tesco Clubcard vouchers, that we’d converted to four times their cost to pay for our dinner!


After a yummy dinner and great service at the restaurant, we headed down to Bournemouth seafront (in the rain), for some games in the amusements, and a walk along the pier.

It was clear at this point, I had fallen in love with Rockley Park, as several times I remember mentioning that the amusements are better back at the park, and, while walking back from the end of the pier in the rain, asking if we were going back yet.

Bournemouth was lovely-I’m sure there’s lots more to do in the sunshine and during the day, but I was happy to be back in our caravan, out of the rain, knowing the kids were suitably wiped out and asleep (I should think so, they were up at 5:22 that morning), and me and the hubs were ready for a game of scrabble and a drink!


Sandbanks; 25 minutes from rockley park.

Having planned what to do on certain days, we knew the weather was predicted to be like on the 4th day, so decided to head down to the much loved and talked about, Sandbanks.

RockleySandbanks sits on the mouth of Poole Harbour.  Well known for it’s glamorous houses and house owners, we knew we just had to head down and see what all the fuss was about.  As well as the stunning homes, the beach has won the Blue Flag award every year since 1987!

The reviews we read weren’t wrong.  The sand is beautiful, the houses beyond anything you could imagine, and the view is breathtaking.


We spent a little bit of time on the beach, (playing with our minion goodies we were sent last month), but, although the forecast was for warm weather, the coastal breeze was super chilly, and we found ourselves longing to be back in our park, enjoying the facilities, so we jumped back in the car and headed back to Rockley Park.

One issue, we found in both Bournemouth and Sandbanks was the sheer extortionate amount of money the towns councils seem to want for parking.  Sandbanks especially, cost us a whopping £6 for 2 hours, and unfortunately we only stayed an hour-so it was doubly not worth it.
If you plan on leaving the park and visiting other towns during your stay at Rockley Park, make sure you bring a spare amount solely for parking!

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In Summary

I’ve played over and over my summary of our time away, in my head-wanting to do our holiday memories justice, and needing to find a way to thank those that played a part in making it the best time we’ve had as a family.

We were truly devastated to leave-a lump formed in my throat as we drove away from our holiday home.  We’ve spent the time since we’ve been back, comparing everything we’ve done, views we’ve seen, to things we got to do and see at Rockley Park.  We’ve only just stopped saying “this time last week we were….”, and just a few days ago, my Husband sent me this photo of him at work, with the message “take me back to Rockley Park” attached.

We are so grateful, to so many people, who made our first family holiday SO special, that I can think of no better way to include them in this, than to list them!

Lucy, who kept in regular contact with me on the run up to our holiday, confirming everything and being there if I had any questions.

Johnny and Helen, who are the reason we had our first family holiday.  Two of the nicest people I’ve ever met (and not just because they gave us a holiday to review), I’ll be forever grateful for them!

The first member of staff we spoke to on arrival (I’m pants at names-so sorry!)  You showered my tired children-who’d been in a car for hours-with stickers, badges, lollies and balloons, and gave them their second wind ready to explore their holiday home.

Amy at Rockley Park’s spa.  I usually find it really difficult to fully relax, especially when it involves me being the centre of attention.  Amy really put me at ease and I felt so relaxed after my facial, I couldn’t wake up properly for the rest of the day!

In keeping with the Spa theme-I’m still unaware about who from Haven organised my complimentary facial-but whoever it was, THANK YOU!

The lovely people who cleaned and prepared our holiday home prior to our arrival, and left all of our lovely welcome food out for us-because of this, we were able to enjoy our holiday straight away, rather than having to go out and shop for necessities.

And finally, because there’s just SO many others to mention, all the staff, seaside squad staff and characters, and lovely people we met during our stay.

All of you made our first family holiday truly unforgettable.  There really aren’t enough words to show our gratitude, so instead, we’ve spent some time putting together a video for you all!  We hope you like it and THANK YOU again!!!!!


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As always, head over to the Haven website HERE and book your next holiday with them!


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  1. Elaine @ Entertaining Elliot says:

    ah how lovely, I’m so glad you had such a good time!! The parking in Bournemouth and at the beaches are extortionate – I had to go to the theatre in Bouremouth last week and it cost me over £7…ouch!! Hope you get to come back and visit Poole again one day xx

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