Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 1

Way back in March, at an unrelated awards ceremony, I happened to be sat next to two of the nicest, funniest people I’ve met in a long time.  They happened to be PR and Content Managers at Haven.
As they left, I was given a card, and told to contact them the following week-something I did first thing the Monday morning, thanking them for making us feel comfortable at the table we were all placed at.

5 months later, and we owe those two Haven managers, Johnny and Helen, the biggest amount of gratitude.  We’ve not long returned from our first family holiday, to Poole in Dorset, which we were given by Haven, in exchange for a review.
This sounds pretty simple, but to us it meant everything-and we hope we’ve done Haven proud with our review, as well as the vlog I’ve spent a week putting together-wanting it to be nothing less than perfect.


The Destination.

HavenOur holiday was based in Poole, Dorset, in a holiday park called Rockley Park.  We live in Kent, so the drive was long!
After our four hour journey, we arrived at the park, and headed to the check in area.  We had a 1pm check in, and the staff that welcomed us, showered the children with stickers, badges, balloons and lollipops-which they welcomed after hours staring out of a car window!



We were shown on a map where we could find our caravan, and the staff also told us where we could find the amenities, and various other park areas.
After a quick photo on the great big deckchair we headed off to our caravan.


The Caravan.

Where do I begin with our beautiful accommodation!  We originally had a Prestige Caravan booked, but a week before we were due to go, I went onto our confirmation page, to see we’d been upgraded to Platinum!

I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I literally had tears in my eyes before we’d even walked through the front door.  Our decking area was the first thing we saw, and the view of Rock Lea River, and Wareham, from that area, was enough to stop us in our tracks.

Upon entering the caravan, the first thing we noticed was the sheer size of the first two rooms.  The front room and dining area and kitchen, are all open plan, and the size of both of them combined makes you immediately forget you’ve stepped into a caravan.

The front room is kitted out; two sofas, a storage stool, a flat screen TV/DVD with Freeview, a fireplace, and small coffee table, along with a panel on the wall to control bluetooth speakers that are situated in the ceiling.


The dining table seats 4, the surrounding kitchen area is stunning, and literally has everything you’d need!
A microwave, a cooker with 5 gas rings, a dishwasher, washing machine, huge larder cupboard, fridge freezer and all cutlery, tableware and cups/glasses are also included!

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We were also given eggs, sausages, bacon, bread, tea towels, dishcloths, washing up liquid, milk, coffee, tea and mini boxes of cereal, meaning we didn’t have to rush out after unpacking, to go and get the immediate necessities we thought we’d need.







Making our way through the caravan, we discovered the first bathroom (yep, there’s more than one!)  Located opposite the children’s room, it was a basic shower room, with a toilet and sink, and plenty of storage.

HavenThe children’s room had two single beds in, and we’d arranged for rails to be delivered once we’d checked in, to stop the little ones rolling out of bed in the night.  They arrived ten minutes after we’d walked through the door.  Once again, there was plenty of storage in their room, and although smaller than most of the rooms, it was just perfect for them both!

We then entered the main bedroom, and I do believe that is where my excited squealing began.  Alongside the masses of storage once again, there was also a dressing table, and another flat screen TV with freeview.

HavenHavenJoined onto this room, was a storage and wardrobe area, almost like a walk in wardrobe.
Within seconds, I came across the final door, an ensuite bathroom (with a bath!)  The excited screeching, hit supersonic levels, and I was so close to tears-I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

The caravans are double glazed throughout, and there is central heating in most rooms.  The fire in the front room was enough to heat there and the kitchen most mornings, but on one of the rainiest day’s we had, we had to have the heating on-those caravans get chilly!

Every single room, wasn’t just clean, it smelt new.  I don’t know how new our specific caravan was, but it felt like we were the first people to have stayed there.

We just felt so lucky, to have been given such a stunning place to stay, to review, to enjoy, and to make memories in.  We each took time, taking in the view from the decking, walking in and out of rooms, taking photos, videos (and unpacking), before we headed out into the world of holiday parks…….



Part two of our Haven Holiday review will be on the website soon, ending with a vlog of our time at Rockley Park

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