Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 2

Following on from the first part of our Haven holiday review (see here for part one), I’m bringing you the next instalment today!


After unpacking and taking in the views from our decking area, we grabbed our swimming clothes and headed up to the park.  The children had seen the outdoor pool on the way in, and were desperate to visit it, and, as we didn’t have to head to a shop to pick up the necessities thanks to Haven, we agreed to take them!


Activities Around The Park

RockleyThe heated outdoor pool is really a drop in the ocean with regards to the amount of activities there are to do around Rockley Park.

There’s also an indoor pool, with two water slides, that the children also spent a large amount of time in throughout the week-some of our fondest memories were made there-seeing Kye swim for the first time, and watching both children go on the water slide over and over.


The other activity the children couldn’t stay away from was the bungee trampoline!  They’re so different in their approach to these kind of things, Olivia ready to fly up high straight away, and Kye freaking out when it made his tummy turn.  They both had an awesome time each time they went on regardless, and, on their final turn, both managed the highest level!



We also gave the crazy golf a go, which is where Kye got a hole in one straight away-the look on his face was priceless!



Olivia is some sort of mad woman on the 2p machines in amusement arcades, so one of her favourite things to do was to sit at one of those piling copper coins in-in an attempt to win a prize wobbling on the edge.




Other activities available are;

  • Various watersports
  • Tennis
  • Climbing Wall
  • Play Area
  • Pick ‘n’ Paint Pottery
  • Various Nature Rocks Activities
  • Amusement Arcades

Most activities are able to be booked on the day, or before you go, and you can purchase activity passes when you book your holiday!

A lot are outdoors activities, and, although people were giving things a go in the rain, there wasn’t a lot going on inside to do.  The indoor pool naturally filled up quickly in the bad weather, and the queue to get in was huge-with timed slots given.



I think this is where the children loved to be the most-looking forward to what was on at the Live Lounge!


During the rainiest day we had, there was a really lovely puppet show featuring miniature versions of the Seaside Squad, something I feel could’ve been done more during the wet weather.



One of the kids favourite things to do was to dance along with the Seaside Squad-Kye’s favourite being Rory the Tiger, and Olivia’s favourite being Anxious the Elephant (regular readers of my mental health posts will find that slightly amusing, as did I).


On our final evening, there was the most amazing pantomime of Mother Goose-honestly, even my anti-panto husband loved it!  The talent from the cast could rival those “famous” actors that take part in pantos at Christmas!

There was also Bingo on for the grown ups, and plenty of shows, later on, to give the whole family a great evening!

Something I will mention, which we actually expected, was the price of drinks in the Live Lounge-they’re a little on the pricey side.  The first round we bought came to almost £10 for 4 drinks-until we realised there was a water dispenser available, which the drink guzzling children could have as much of as they wanted-that saved us some pennies!


Food around the park

On the first night, we headed up to the park to visit Harbourside, a stunning restaurant with a great menu for us to try!  The menu is relatively new, so to try the delicious food was a lovely treat!

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I ordered the beefburger, which came with chips and coleslaw, and Keiron ordered the chicken burger with the same sides.  The children both had chicken and chips, and we ordered a garlic bread with cheese to share amongst us.  That, along with two drinks for me and Keiron, came to £45, which I’m aware isn’t a budget meal, but really is worth it for how amazing the food is!  The staff are so lovely and accommodating to everyone, including the children-our waitress Jade was awesome!


There are other restaurants and food options within Rockley Park.  Mash & Barrell appeared to be the most popular with families, with the food prices slightly cheaper, and the feel of it a lot more like a local pub than a restaurant.  There’s also a soft play attached, so the children can keep their boredom at bay while waiting for their food!

Rockley Also on site, there is a Papa Johns Pizza takeaway, and a Fish ‘n’ Chip shop called Cooks.  On our final night, we decided to have some time in our caravan together, and sent Keiron to go get us some fish and chips, and the children some sausage and chips (which came in a bucket), from there.  Honestly, the best fish and chips we’d ever had, and so relaxing to sit and eat together in our quiet location, before getting our glad rags on for the last night of entertainment.

For pudding on the final night, we treated the children to an ice cream at the on site ice cream parlour, which they ate with gusto while watching Ned at the Seaside Squad show.



Other Amenities

There is a shop at Rockley Park-The Mini Market-and before we’d even arrived I was telling Keiron how expensive shops on caravan sites are.  On the first evening, we popped in to have a look, and I stand corrected-the prices are really reasonable!  The kids had already earmarked their souvenirs on that first night too-returning on the last night to purchase their much loved slap bands and badges with their favourite characters on.


Just around the corner from the main reception as you enter Rockley Park, there is also a spa!  When we arrived we received a price list leaflet for it, and I stowed it away, never really giving it a second thought.  On our second day however, I was chilling on the sofa while Keiron cooked brunch, and I received a phone call from the Spa.  The lovelies at Haven had arranged for me to have a complimentary facial!!  I was booked in for the following afternoon.


The spa is stunning.  It was once again hammering with rain when I arrived, and I was soggy and stressed (I’d got lost), but I immediately felt relaxed in the beautiful waiting room.  My beauty therapist, Amy, put me at ease straight away-and gave me the most amazing facial I’d ever experienced.  I left the room on some sort of relaxation cloud, and was so relaxed, I felt like I could head to bed for the rest of the day and night! (Thank you Haven!)



Part three-and the final instalment of our Haven Holiday review will be on the website soon, and will include a vlog of our time at Rockley Park!

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4 thoughts on “Haven-Rockley Park, Dorset-Family Holiday Review-Part 2

  1. Clare says:

    A spa!! I’m pretty much sold now haha. Those burgers look amazing too and well done Kye on a hole in one, he looked so pleased!! Cant wait for P3 xx

  2. Elaine @ Entertaining Elliot says:

    really enjoying reading your reviews! I live just up the road from Rockley Park and I have friends that work there, it looks like a brilliant place to visit with kids. Did you manage to see any of the surrounding area? Theres a ton of things to do here if you ever visit Poole again! x

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