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Ask anyone who knows me, what I own most varieties of-they’ll all say the same thing-perfume!

I’ve never been the type of girl that buys tons of shoes/bags/clothes, but I absolutely adore different scents of perfume.  Obviously I have my favourites, but I will always try new ones, and haven’t found one that I’ve disliked so far.

So when Hunkemoller sent me their ‘Forever Pretty’ perfume to review, I was a little excited.


Forever Pretty‘ is part of Hunkemoller’s beauty collection, in which they also have all manner of products from make up and body bronzer, to make up bags and other perfume options.

The Perfume

HunkemollerThe bottle (which I have a massive love for when buying perfumes), is beautiful.  Really simple and pretty, the neck of the bottle holds a small black tassel that jingles when you use the perfume.

Forever Pretty is a really sweet fragrance-described on Hunkemoller’s website as; “A combination of lovely scents including lime, strawberry and vanilla gives this eau de toilette a fresh and soft aroma.”

Personally, I didn’t get the lime, or the strawberry really (but then again, I don’t profess to being a perfume connoisseur).  I did get the vanilla however, and some floral sweet scent that I generally choose for myself in other perfumes.

The only negative I have for it really, is that it’s not as long lasting as other scents I’ve bought-the aroma faded rather too quickly for my liking, meaning I was topping it up often, making the price seem less cost effective than I’d first imagined it to be.


The Price

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Forever Pretty is priced at £8.99 and can be found on the Hunkemoller beauty section HERE-make sure you take a look at the clothing and accessories too, over on the main website HERE.


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