Magic Fairy Wings-April Review and Giveaway

magicAs a Magic Fairy Wings ambassador, I get the absolutely awesome job of receiving beautiful products and telling you all about them!

This month, we received;


Seriously-just look at her happy little face!

Bugzz Butterfly Umbrella

Annoyingly (I don’t often say this), it hasn’t rained here for ages!  However, that hasn’t stopped Miss Olivia parading her new umbrella around the house like a boss (lucky we’re not superstitious isn’t it!)
Easy for her little fingers to open and close, she loves that she can see through the PVC and, at the same time, see the beautiful design!
The umbrella is larger than others she’s had, but it’s also lightweight enough for it not to be too big for her to carry around.

Fancy owning your own Bugzz Butterfly Umbrella for your little one?  Head over to the Magic Fairy Wings website and get yours for only £8.99 HERE!


Butterfly Motif Beaded Necklace

Olivia loves dressing up!  She has this cute little dressing table in her bedroom, and she spends so long in there, adding bracelets and necklaces to make herself all pretty.
When she got this necklace, she put it straight on, and we pretty much had to row with her to take it off!
The necklace comes in three different colours; blue, pink or lilac, and you won’t even believe the price.  At 99p, you can get your little one their own pretty necklace (or three) over on the website HERE.



Narrow Metal Band with Enamel Butterfly


Sticking with the butterfly theme on this item too-this headband was also a battle to take off Olivia’s head at the end of the day.  She got the lilac one, but this is also available in green, pink and blue.  It was a great fit for Olivia’s head (we struggle with headband sizes a lot-they’re either too big or too small), and the butterfly motif was beautiful.
Once again, the price of this item is super affordable at £1.29 and is over on the website HERE!

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Additionally, as loyal readers, you lovelies get a little discount!  Use MFB10* to get 10% off of your order!  Over at Magic Fairy Wings there are SO many affordable items-it’s easy to get a little carried away!  Feel free though, as you can see how amazing the products are!!! *Code valid until 19/04/2017

I thought you’d like a little giveaway!  To coincide with this first month of me being a Magic Fairy Wings ambassador, how would you like to win some cute little goodies!

Up for grabs is;
Purple Princess Purse with two Beaded Bracelets
Two Butterfly Bobbles in either green or yellow
Pack of 3 Bright Children’s Rings
Bright Beaded Necklace
6 Multi-Seeded Beaded Bracelets

We’ve been sent these too-and I can’t tell you how beautiful they all are!  Olivia carries everything round in her little Princess Purse, and often wears everything at once!

The giveaway ends on the 30th of April 2017 so you haven’t got long to enter!!!
Just use the gleam app below to enter your details!!!!

Magic Fairy Wings Kids Cute Accessories Giveaway!

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