May Product Review for Magic Fairy Wings

It’s that time of the month again-It’s May’s Magic Fairy Wings product review!

In May we chose to receive;

Melissa and Doug-Alphabet Express Floor Puzzle.

Priced at only £7.99, this floor puzzle was just the perfect product for Miss Olivia this month.  Constantly finding signs/sky planner words/pages in books, to show me which letter she now knows, I just knew this puzzle would not only challenge her a little (she finds puzzles freakishly easy), but also help her to learn more of her alphabet.


It’s LONG, longer than I’d anticipated (just check out Olivia measuring herself against the finished puzzle!)  We had lots of giggles each time she reached the end of the room and I’d have to come along and move it further down for her.Get yours HERE!

2 Ballerina Motif Sleepies

mayOlivia LOVES ballerina related products, and, after I chose her the puzzle, I agreed she could choose some other products.  (This is your warning-she chose a lot of hair accessories).
These little ballerina clips hold her fine hair well, and are easy to put in and take out!
Priced at only 99p-these are a bargain!!!!  Get yours HERE!

2 Ballet Shoe Ponios

mayI’ll hold my hands up right now, and admit these (along with the next product), are my absolute favourites!  They’re so pretty-and hold Olivia’s hair really well.
I often find with hairbands of this material, they don’t stretch well, and I was a little concerned that the band wouldn’t go over the ballet shoe, but it did absolutely fine!
These are also 99p, and you can get yours HERE!

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2 Ballet Shoe Beak Clips

OK, so these are my favourites too-just look how cute Olivia’s hair looked with these and the matching ponios in!
These are SO strong!  They literally clipped so much of her hair up AND, she went to nursery for six and a half hours, and they never fell out!
These are also 99p, and you can get them by clicking HERE!

6 Pastel Pansy Mini Clips

I have an issue with these-I need more!  Because you only get one colour per pack-you definitely need two packs so you can match colours up in pairs!  At only 99p for 6, and in the prettiest colours-you can totally afford two!!!!  Have a look HERE!

2 giraffe motif sleepies

I’ll be honest-I wasn’t aware of Olivia’s infatuation with giraffes until we went to the website.  She made me get these-and she also made me get them in purple-which is even odder as she usually loves pink!
These are available in 4 colours at the moment-Orange, Blue, Green and Purple, they’re also 99p, and are SO super cute!  Click HERE to have a look!

Once again this month, you can see how affordable these products are-and they’re awesome quality!
Also this month, I once again have a sneaky discount code for you-my lovely readers!
Just enter MFB10 at the checkout for 10% discount (valid throughout May until 16th June)!!!

Head over to Magic Fairy Wings to see what other fab items are available!

Also-take a look at last month’s review HERE!

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