Meccano from Spin Master-Imagination & Creative Play Review

When I was younger, I was kind of half girly girl, and half tom boy-I loved barbies, dressing up and pink things, but I also loved cars, action men, and building things!

I also absolutely loved Meccano-so, when the opportunity came up for me Kye to review a box of it, I was more than happy!

What is Meccano?

Just in case you’ve never heard of Meccano, here’s a little more information!

Meccano is a children’s (and adult’s) toy, consisting of a set of metal and plastic components for making mechanical models.
One of the oldest construction systems in the world, Meccano was invented in England by Frank Hornby in 1898.
After over 100 years, the objective to inspire builders around the world to bring their imaginations to life still remains.  From basic building to high-tech robotics programming, Meccano offers something for everyonE!

Our Box

MeccanoWe received the Off Road Racer 25 model set, which basically means there are 25 different vehicles you can create!

In the box there are 443 durable metal parts (don’t panic, most are nuts and bolts), off road wheels, real tools and instructions, and models include motorised four wheeled drive, and opening doors!

If you’ve got a spare day 6 hours, like we seemed to have, then you can probably get this done in that amount of time.  If you value your eyesight and patience, then I’d probably suggest breaking the building time up a little.

After our 6 hours marathon build, we finished the car!  The box has got 9+ on the box, but even I struggled with some parts (and I’m 31!)  It is very fiddly, and a lot of concentration is needed, but it is definitely doable!

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Kye loved it, and has already requested some for Christmas (as long as it’s a little easier than the Racing Car!)


See! 6 hours later and he’s still smiling!

I could’ve recorded the entire 6 hours for you-but I thought I’d speed it up a little and give you a little peek into our build time!


Meccano is available at most toy stores, one of which is Smyths, priced at £29.99, and is a Spin Master product!


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I were sent this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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