Mr Big Tops Sweet Boxes-Review

We were sent a Sweet Box from Mr Big Tops!

Who are Mr Big Tops?

Selling scrumptious sweets packed with traditional and retro flavours, anyone ordering will receive a sweet box delivery bursting with a scrummy selection of traditional sweets.

From refreshers and sherbet dips to gummy bears, mushrooms, liquorice strips, aniseed balls and cola bottles, Mr Big Tops’ pick and mix sweets are taste bud-tingling from top to bottom.

Perfect for anyone who finds it hard to find the traditional sweets they used to eat as kids, the brand new website invites visitors to pick up a (virtual) scoop and dive in. Shoppers can also customise a number of different products where they can pick their own mix and add gift messages!

There are over 100 sweets on the website to choose from, all carefully picked by the Mr Big Tops taste gurus and traditional sweet experts. Each bundle of pick ‘n’ mix deliciousness wings its way through the post in a cute sweet box – sustainable of course- designed by Mr Big Tops himself.
The box has push and peel lids so each corner can be opened like an advent calendar to reveal its lip smacking treasure


MrWhat did we get in our box?

At Mayflower Blogs, we’re a little in love with anything sweet-something that often leaves us unable to decide on which types of sweets to buy!
The beauty of our box, was that there was an awesome selection of traditional and retro sweets to choose from, and each one suited each one of us!

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We were sent a box which included; White Mice, Fruit Salads and Black Jacks, Foam Bananas, Chewy Strawberries, Rainbow Drops and Sour Bubblegum flavour bottles.

All in individually sealed packets, each sweet really was a blast from the past-especially the Fruit Salads and Black Jacks, which for me, transported me back to visits to my Grandparents house on the bus with my family.


Box options

There are so many options for the sweet lover over on Mr Big Tops website!
From Birthday Boxes for girls and boys, to massive retro jars, there are also subscription boxes that start from only £3.99!!!!

Head over the Mr Big Tops Sweet Box website HERE and take a look at all the box options and prices-and revive some of those fond memories from your past!!!!


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