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July is so ridiculously busy with Birthdays filling the majority of the month.  I’m usually a dab hand at choosing gifts, but I’m starting to have less and less time to find unique gifts, and I know others are too.
I decided to help you all (and myself), by putting together a handy gift guide with some fab idea for your Mum/Mother In Law/Step Mum etc….


Mum's BirthdayDesign Your Own Fragrance-Bespoke Perfume Set from The Perfume Studio. Buy for £49.

This is an absolute dream of a gift-and something similar to what I had as a teenager when I received the kids version of these types of gifts for Christmas!
This is obviously much more bespoke and elegant, and great as a really unique different gift!


Mum's BirthdayBotonique-The Soft Drink for Alcohol Lovers.  Buy now from £15.

My Mother In Law loves soft drinks, because she isn’t keen on how alcohol makes her feel-which is something I know a lot of people have an issue with.
This soft drink, has all the taste of alcohol, without the alcohol!  Crisp, and unique-not unlike a fine wine-it’s a lovely gift for those that never get bought that bottle of wine or champagne in a gift bag for their Birthdays-there’s no reason for them to miss out now!


Mum's BirthdayPurple Haze, Real Flower Necklace from Find Me A Gift.  Buy  for £24.89.

I literally can’t stop staring at this piece of jewellery.  I find it hard to believe, that these beautiful delicate flowers have been placed inside a necklace!
Inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s legendary performance of “Purple Haze” at the Isle of Wight festival, these tiny flowers have all been specially selected for their complimentary hues to create this pretty purple petal pendant.
An absolutely stunning addition to someones jewellery collection, and a beautiful gift!

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Mum's BirthdayName A Rose Gift Set from Find Me A Gift.  BUY FOR £12.09.

I absolutely love gifts like this-something so personal and that lasts for an eternity-you really can’t put a price on that can you.
The registration of the name you’d like to give your rose, is so easy to do-I filled in the online form early afternoon on a Tuesday, and a certificate was posted and delivered to me by the morning the day after!
The seeds for the rose come with full instructions, and is a great way to show someone how special they are to you!


So there we go-a great few ideas for some lovely gifts!!!  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the products on offer over at Botonique, Find Me A Gift and The Perfume Studio!!!


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