One Third Stories-The Great Francais Word Search

We were sent a French language learning book from One Third Stories!


Who are one third stories?

OneOneCreated by friends of 8 years, Alex (who loves languages) and Jonny (who loves stories), they’ve been thinking of ways for years, to combine their two passions into a business.   The first time they tried they were just 17 years old and ended up dressing as penguins and sleeping on boxes full of books. (We’re going to need photos of this right?)

One Third Stories is the culmination of all that experience, a lot of coffee and the belief that every child should grow up with the chance to be bilingual. We’re out to start a language learning revolution through stories that start in English and end in a different language…


What did we receive?

Our package included a story book called “The Great Francais Word Search” – that progressively changed from English to French as you read, a French information leaflet, and flash cards, with English on one side and the French translation on the other-which also tied in with the words being learned in the book itself.



how did we get on?

I knew Kye would love this-he was getting bored at his old school (he’s at a new one now), and was missing learning new things with me, as I taught him to read at a young age.  He’s like a little sponge, and learns fast.
He picked up the translation fast, and easily made his way through the book, using the glossary included in the back to work out any words he was struggling with.
We also really enjoyed the flash cards, treating the time after the story like a quiz, which he also loved!!

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We recorded a little Vlog for you all to see how good it is!  Take a look!

I receive a fair amount of books and products to review, and I haven’t stopped telling people how amazing this product is!
It’s perfect to help teach your little ones another language, or to work alongside their language lessons at school.There are also Spanish books you can sign up for-meaning you can teach them two languages at a young age!

Price information

Each Story Box might contain; A Storybook – Activity Book – Recipe from around the world – Flashcards – Audiobook
The Story Boxes are shipped to arrive with you at the end of every month.

Prices start at £12.99, and you can find out more about the books and price options by heading to the One Third Stories website HERE!



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