One Third Stories-Spanish & French Book Review & Giveaway

You may remember, a blog I wrote not so long ago, reviewing a language book from One Third Stories.  (If you don’t, hear it is- One Third Stories Review)


StoriesStoriesSince we reviewed that French language book, we’ve been sent some more!  Another French one, and, a Spanish one.

I’ll hold my hands up now, before any vlogs pop up below, before anyone else feels the need to mention it-I don’t speak Spanish.  I literally learnt how to say 1-8, and Hola.  My son however, has just moved to a new school-and, as luck would have it, he’s begun Spanish lessons there!

He’s still not up on the majority of the words we found in the book One Third Stories sent us, but he had a good go, as you can see here!

We were also sent another French book.  Before we filmed our vlog for that one, Kye had a quick flick through, and after seeing some of the words he was meant to learn, told me he didn’t think he’d be very good at this one!
However, as you can see, he did a better job than he assumed he would!
As I mentioned in my last post reviewing One Third Stories, these books really are worth getting for your kids!  The speed it takes them to pick up on words they wouldn’t have known without the story content is pretty amazing to witness!
More information on what’s available and ways of ordering, are over on the One Third Stories website HERE.
We’ve also been lucky enough to get one of each of the above Spanish and French language books to give to one lucky winner!
To enter, see the Gleam widget below for details! (T&C’s apply)

One Third Stories-Spanish & French Language Book-Kids Giveaway!

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One thought on “One Third Stories-Spanish & French Book Review & Giveaway

  1. SLOAH says:

    One Third Stories sound super fun! We’ve studied Spanish for a while but we’re also picking up French, again, and this seems to be ideal for organic learning of both languages. 🙂

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