Panasonic-Combination Microwave Cooking With Tom Kitchin

How much can you cook in your combination microwave?  What do you use your combination microwave for?

Personally, I don’t use mine for as much as I now realise I could!

Panasonic have teamed up with Michelin Star chef Tom Kitchin, to create a dish you wouldn’t imagine could be made in a microwave.

Baked Scallops in Shells

All of the ingredients are on the Youtube Video below, just click through when you see the “try it yourself” prompt!

Due to this looking SO easy-and being a big fan of fish, I decided to take the plunge and try to make this for myself!!!
I’m the only one who eats scallops, so I reduced the recipe using the adjustment tool on the website (in case you didn’t catch it on the Youtube video-click HERE).
MicrowaveI began with step one (obviously), and placed my shallots and oil into my bowl.  I put them in the microwave for 12 minutes but checked them after 11 as my microwave has a high wattage.  They needed another 30 seconds and then they were ready!
After that, I removed them and added my vermouth and the fish stock together, and cooked them in the microwave for 14 of the 15 minutes stated (once again because the microwave is a little stronger than normal ones).
I added the cream and once it was thick, I strained it through a sieve and placed the sauce into the fridge to cool.
When it had cooled I stirred through the dill and tarragon.
I then added the carrot and leek into a bowl with some water, and steamed them until they were soft.
It was then time to prepare the scallops.  I began by scooping the meat out of the shell, rinsing them, and drying them on some kitchen roll.
MicrowaveMicrowaveI then washed the shells and added the carrot and leek mix equally into each one.  Once filled, I cut the scallops in half and equally distributed them too, before covering with the sauce I’d made earlier.


I then cut strips of the pastry and covered the gap where the shell halves came together, before placing them in the oven to cook for ten minutes.
MicrowaveMicrowaveThis is the finished dish!!  I’m so impressed with how easy it was to make, and how much I could do in the microwave!  (I’m also pretty impressed with how yummy it was!)
Why don’t you give it a try too!  And, if you don’t own a combination microwave-check out Panasonic’s range HERE!
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