Pen And Pencil Day-National Stationery Week!

Today is Day One of National Stationery Week!

Throughout this week, I’ll be sharing a post a day on here, with some of my top choices for your stationery needs, and some of our family favourites!

Today is Pen and Pencil Day!



To coincide with this, I’m featuring some awesome colour pens from Stabilo, and a writing pencil from Write Size!

This week my son’s homework is all about the works of Roald Dahl-so these nifty pens were his first choice to make his writing really stand out.


Stabilo pointMax is a medium tipped nylon felt pen-perfect for writing or colouring. The tip of the pens are really strong-which is great for children who press a little too hard sometimes.  The colours dry quickly and don’t bleed through the paper like regular felt pens, and the thinner than usual tips mean it’s easy for Kye to write neatly.

Currently on offer over on Amazon at £9.57*, these really are a welcome addition to your child’s stationery selection!  Click HERE to buy!


Kye’s handwriting is beautiful, and that’s thanks to the Write Size pencil he uses.  Although the packaging says 10+, Kye does have larger than usual hands for a child of his age, and these are a perfect fit.

Write Size pencils have been developed to stop children’s hands hurting during long writing sessions, by having a larger and softer graphite.  They also have a wider diameter for easy grip and the correct length to enable them to have great control and balance.


An absolute steal at £3.99 for a pack of 5, over on the Write Size website-you can buy yours by clicking HERE!


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Why don’t you get involved with National Stationery Week!  Grab your favourite pens and pencils and get creating!!!!  For more inspiration, head over to the National Stationery Week website HERE!


*Price correct as of 23/04/2017.  Prices are subject to change.







Please note I was kindly sent these stationery items free of charge, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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