Peppa Pig Potty Training Bundle-Product(s) Review


Look at all the lovely Peppa Pig goodies, we, (well Olivia really) were sent!


Olivia is a rather big fan of Peppa Pig-we recently went to London to see “My First Cinema Experience” and she loved it!

Because of this, she was thrilled with her box of goodies, and set to work placing the items where they needed to be in the house.

What was in the box?

PeppaPeppa Pig Potty-RRP £7.99* Available at Amazon or Smyths.
Unfortunately, this potty won’t get a lot of use, as we literally just stopped using one!  However, we fully intend to take it out with us, and away with us on our holiday to Dorset next month, as I like to know we have an emergency toilet in the car on long journeys.
Olivia has also earmarked the potty to go to my friend’s daughter, for when she starts potty training-so it definitely will not go to waste.

I do however-after having two children-know what to look for in a potty.  For some reason, both of my children (and their long legs), were never comfortable on the regular small ones, and so, we ended up with lots of different ones, ending on one the size of the Peppa one!
It has a high back, giving your little one extra support, a non-slip base, and the pretty princess Peppa design and the whole potty is wipe clean!

PeppaPeppa Pig Toilet Training Seat-RRP £7.99* Available at Amazon HERE!
Now this will get some use!  Basically, we have a three story house, with three toilets.  Olivia has an en suite, where she currently has a purple step and a purple toilet seat.


Downstairs she has a Frozen seat and a yellow step.  In the main bathroom she doesn’t have anything-and you know how kids like to spread themselves about don’t you-now she can!
The Peppa toilet training seat, has taken pride of place in the third and final toilet of the house (as has the step-we’ll come to that next).
It’s strong (the purple one is a little flimsy), and she makes a point of mentioning that Peppa is on the seat, when she goes to the toilet (every time actually).
The toilet seat is also non-slip, and fits most standard toilets.


PeppaPeppa Pig Step Stool – RRP £8.99* Available at Amazon HERE!
So, the step I mentioned above.   This, as I commented on with regards to the toilet training seats, is the third in our house, and has taken up residence in the main bathroom, with the peppa seat.
Olivia loves that it matches, and it’s a really good height so she can get herself on and off the toilet without our help.
With the non-slip feet that come with the toilet seat and potty, this is ideal, not just for the toilet, but for anywhere in the house that little legs need a bit of a step up.

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PeppaPeppa Pig Hand & face wet wipes (3 packs) -RRP £1.45* Available from Ocado HERE!
Who knew-Peppa has her own wipes brand out too!!!  For some reason, Olivia felt the need to share these-as they came in a pack of three.  I explained she could have them all, (good god, the girl needs them most of the time-she’s my dirty child) and she was pretty chuffed with that.
They’re her wipes, so that means, whenever she feels like it, she can skip off to the downstairs toilet, and use them, for just about anything she fancies really.
From a Mummy point of view, I was pleased to see, although they come across as novelty character wipes, there are no parabens, sulfates or dyes.  Although Miss Olivia doesn’t suffer with any skin complaints, I still try and make sure, whatever we do use is safe for her.


PeppaPeppa Pig; Peppa and Her Golden Boots Book-RRP £5.49* Available HERE!
Well obviously, this has not only been read, but is now a firm favourite for bedtime in our house.  Olivia loves the sparkly cover, and, as she doesn’t read words yet, happily makes stories out of the pictures she can see (with proper voices of course-Daddy pig is a wonder to behold).

The story is basically about naughty Mrs Duck, stealing Peppa’s golden boots, meaning Peppa and her family must travel to the ends of the earth (literally) to find them again!
It’s actually a really funny book, with a great story!


So that concludes the contents of our Peppa Pig box of goodies!  Thanking License to PR for all the lovely things!


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We were kindly sent these products in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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