Pick ‘n’ Melt-Wax Melt Review


The lovelies over at Pick ‘n’ Melt sent me a BEAUTIFUL Christmas themed box to review, and ohhhh myyyyy-I imagine my postman had a lovely morning of delivering post, smelling the festive scents wafting out of his red bag!

I could smell it before I saw it, and it was literally like someone had delivered Christmas to my house!

I wasted no time in opening it, and was already excited by the wax melts in the cute pick ‘n’ mix style bag, but then I found another box!



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The next (equally beautiful) box, had a massive wax burner in it, with a tealight included, which made it all too easy for me to melt some cubes straight away!15231650_10154061303256935_1657780785_o



I had this amazing idea that I’d rate my favourites in order when I reviewed them, but I just can’t choose.  I’m already a massive fan of Frankincense and Myrrh scented candles and melts, so that was already a winner for me, but I literally have no negative comments about any of the scents.15231605_10154061303291935_291877787_o

On Saturday evening, I had all 3 of my burners plus the Pick ‘n’ Melt one, on at once-my house smelt amazing!  The cubes are mixed colours too, so when they melt they make the most amazing colours!

The  website these are sold on is a treasure trove for those who love candles and wax melts as much as I do.

The cube melts and burner I was sent are from the Christmas range, and the set is priced at £12.  If you buy 4 they’re only £9 per set!  Pick ‘n’ Melt also offer a supreme version of the set, which has 32 bags of Christmas melts (16 different scents).  This set starts at £18 which reduces to £13.50 if you buy 4 sets!!!

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Cubes are sold in bags which come in small, medium and large sizes, 60p for small ones (which have 6 cubes in) , £1.92 for medium ones (which have 24 cubes in) and £6.99 for large ones (which have 140 cubes in). All cubes are 1cm X 1cm.  Pick ‘n’ Melt also sell luxury soy candles priced at £8.99.

There are 250 scents to choose from in both the cube melts AND the Soy candles, and there is an option on the website to get some ideas on which scents you can mix together for the nicest aroma! When you receive your goods, you also get a booklet with mixing ideas!

There are also options for you to buy wax warmers, eco tealights, Christmas gift sets, and deals when you buy 4 candles and recipe bundles!


Pick ‘n’ Melt also offer a “Join the Party” option.  There are two options, one is the standard option at £8 per month.  The other is the Supreme option at £12 per month.
There are just so many scents, varieties and benefits of buying candles and wax melt cubes from Pick ‘n’ Melt and at such an affordable price, with such cheap, fast delivery at a flat rate of £3.95, you can’t go wrong!


So what are you waiting for? Go visit Pick ‘n’ Melt today and get melting!

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