PJ Masks-Powerful Fun For Little Heroes-Magazine Review

Myself and my daughter, were kindly send a PJ Masks magazine to review! Olivia is a massive PJ Masks fan, so this was very well received by her!


Most pre-school magazines are pretty bang on with how appropriate they are for their target age-we reviewed a CBeebies magazine a little while ago (see here) and, although Olivia was a little younger, she still managed to get a lot out of the learning pages.

PJThis one was no exception really, the activities are pretty bang on with how age appropriate they are, and, as Olivia is now at the age where she’s more independent (well she thinks she is anyway), so she loves activities where she doesn’t need to rely on me as much.

This magazine has activities like that in abundance-plenty of writing, number and shape drawing practice, where the child joins dots to create the desired pattern-which is one of Olivia’s favourite things to do.

PJThere are also colouring pages, and, LOTS of stickers!  One of my main issues with magazines and the amount of stickers they contain, is how unrelated to the activities they are-just tons of random stickers that end up on my cupboards (or washing machine).  Thankfully, inside this one, the stickers are all related to the activities, with none being left over at the end for random mindless furniture ruining-perfection!

Free Gifts

PJFind me a parent that actually likes free gifts in a magazine-I genuinely have issue with most free gifts-which is usually unrelated useless plastic tat!

Although the free gifts in this magazine are made of plastic-the look on Olivias face when she realised she not only had keys to each of the PJ Mask characters vehicles, but she also had a weapon to help them and a camera like Mummy has, was enough for me to deem them acceptable gifts.  Not only that, she loved them so much, I even decided they could enter toy box domain, rather than rubbish bag domain where most others tend to go!

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Price and Where To Buy

I think I mentioned in my Cbeebies review, that the price of magazines irritates me-based on the quality of the content.  At £2.99, this magazine is well worth the money, for the excitement of the free gifts alone-but also for the activities your child can do without your help!

You can get the PJ Masks magazine from all good newsagents!

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