Pocket Notebooks-Esmie,Rhodia & Papio Press Review

Forget the App, there’s a Pocket Notebook for that…

The lovelies over at Pocket Notebooks very kindly sent me some notebooks to review.


Who are Pocket Notebooks?

Pocket Notebooks are on a mission, to remind people about those good old days, when we didn’t reach for our phone to make notes-when a pocket notebook was all we needed.

The noise and insistence of technology is constant. A notebook takes us to a world that we choose. A world where the only sound is our sound.

In the digital age we find ourselves in-when our lives are governed by checking our phones, making notes on apps and taking pictures using our phone cameras, it’s so easy to forget how good pen and paper really is.  When was the last time you added a random doodle to a list or a schedule you’d written in a notebook?  Doodling on a phone or tablet really doesn’t have that edge does it…..

Pocket Notebooks, stock the most beautiful, unique, affordable notebooks, from designers and brands from across the UK, Europe, the US and, well, across the world really!


What did Pocket Notebooks send me?

PocketFirst up, is this absolutely stunning floral covered notebook from Esmie.

I’ll be honest and say I went straight over to the Pocket Notebooks website, so I could see what other covers were available-this one just made me want to see more.

Made with beautiful hand silk-screen printed paper, stitched with colour thread, and designed by hand in specialist studios in Japan, these notebooks really are a sight to behold (and touch-they feel so nice!)

At only £5, you can find this (and other designs) over on the Esmie page of the Pocket Notebooks website HERE.


PocketNext up, we have the Rhodiarama notebook from (you guessed it) Rhodia!

Probably the more sturdy of covers out of the four notebooks I was sent, this leatherette hard cover, is available in six different colours-and as you can see, I received the hot pink one!

The pages are made with 90g ivory brushed vellum paper, it also has a bright orange ribbon book mark, and matching elasticated closure band.


At the back is an expanding pocket (for all my receipts-I’m a little bit of a reciept hoarder!).
But what is really impressive is the beautiful illustration that covers the two back pages.


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At only £7.50, you can find this notebook in it’s various colours, over on the Rhodia section of the Pocket Notebooks website HERE.


PocketAnd finally, not one, but two notebooks using the Natural History design, from Papio Press.

The ‘Big Cats’ book is full of plain paper (perfect for those doodles I mentioned earlier), and the ‘Bears’ one has lined paper.
Both notebooks are made with recycled paper, and are designed in the UK.

At only £5 for both notebooks, you can find them over on the Papio Press section of the Pocket Notebooks website HERE.

My Favourite

I know what you’re thinking, you can’t choose a favourite out of these four notebooks, and, I’m not going to.

Honestly, each of these notebooks are perfect for different things.

I personally love the design of the Esmie notebook so much-I know I keep going on about how it feels, but honestly, buy one and tell me you disagree-it doesn’t even feel like the cover of a notebook.

I love that the Papio Press notebooks are full of lovely recycled paper-always on the lookout for environmentally friendly products that don’t cost the earth (see what I did there) these really are perfect.  Having one with lined paper and one with plain is really quite awesome too.

The Rhodia notebook wins on the robust stakes for me.  I carry notebooks around with me a lot, and in the bottom of a handbag (or Mum bag) they do take a battering-what with all the snotty tissues, snacks, drinks and wipes for the children being jostled around with them.
This book really feels like it would withstand a large amount of bashing, and, the beautiful design and expandable pocket at the back are an added bonus.

In conclusion, I recommend them all (and I’m not just saying that because I was gifted them to review).


For more information on Pocket Notebooks, their vast array of beautiful notebooks, and the brands and companies they work with, head over to their website, HERE!


To see some more product reviews from yours truly, head over to MY website, HERE!



Please note, I was kindly sent the above products in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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