Private Renting

Private Renting-What Happens When Repairs Aren’t Carried Out?


Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury of owning my own home.  We have had a few homes, all of which were rented, either via letting agencies or social housing.

We now privately rent our current home, and, as per the tenancy agreement we signed when we moved in, we have a policy that states, the landlord is responsible for repairs to; the property’s structure and exterior, basins, sinks, baths and other sanitary fittings including pipes and drains, heating and hot water, gas appliances, pipes, flues and ventilation, electrical wiring and any damage that is caused when the repairs are attempted.

Private Renting

If a repair is needed, the landlord should be contacted immediately.

If a repair isn’t done, you can contact your local council for help.

Sometimes, when a repair isn’t carried out, accidents in the home can occur.  That’s when an outside company can step in and you may wish to look into no win no fee* housing disrepair claims in order to pursue compensation.

At Accident Advice Helpline, you could hold a landlord responsible for negligence if you have incurred one of the following injuries whilst living in rented accommodation:

  • Illness caused by a faulty boiler – for example carbon monoxide poisoning (it is always advisable to use a carbon monoxide alarm for this reason)
  • A fall due to bad lighting conditions
  • An accident involving broken tiles or fencing
  • Illness caused by or worsened by excessive damp or mould
  • Accidents due to disregard for health and safety measures required for rented accommodation

To estimate how much compensation you could be entitled to, there is a handy little calculator over on the Accident Advice Helpline website-which also has lots more information on how you can enlist their support following an accident in your home.

Head over to their website HERE, and find out more.


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