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The Punch Tavern Canterbury-Stonehouse Pizza and Carvery Review

We were recently invited to The Punch Tavern in Canterbury, Kent, to try and review their dinner menu!

We don’t get to go to many meals out as a four, mainly because the restaurant needs to be family friendly, as we have children that can sometimes be a little feral, but also because any family friendly restaurants in our local area just aren’t that nice.

I hadn’t heard of The Punch Tavern before our invite-which I find odd, as we’re only half an hour away from the restaurant, and it’s really close to my Mother-In-Law’s place of work!


When we arrived, I was pleased to see how lovely and cosy it was-a homely family feel is something we always look for when taking the children out with us to eat-and we knew we’d be comfortable while eating.

We were shown to our reserved table, and had some time to choose what we wanted to eat.  The children had nosed at the kids menu before we’d even left the house, and had already decided they wanted Pizza-but we weren’t sure what they came with.
While they coloured their colouring books we’d brought with us from home (we didn’t need to-they were offered restaurant colouring activities when we arrived), myself and my husband chose what we wanted-I went with a pizza too-farmhouse pizza is my favourite, so I was keen to see what this one would be like!

punch tavern

Hubs chose ‘The Hen Party’ Burger, which is basically a chicken breast, and a crispy fried buttermilk coated piece of chicken, in a bun with all the extras.  Once again, there was nothing we could see that suggested anything came with the burger.
When I went up to the bar to order, we were told the food would be 15-20 minutes, and that all sides and sauces are available from the area you collect your food from.
Considering we’d not had to order and collect this way before, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but assumed it would be pretty obvious once our food was ready.

After 20 minutes, our food was ready, something we were informed of via a vibrating box we were given after ordering.

We headed up to the designated area, and ready with our food was one of the chefs-who chatted to the children while we got some bowls filled up with pasta, cous cous and salad, and then more bowls of as many chips as we’d all like.
While we were sorting the children’s sides out, the lovely chef offered to bring some sauces to our table in little pots-something that really helped considering we had two children, 7 bowls and 4 plates of dinner to take back.

We basically ended up with a table filled with food-three pizzas, a cheesy garlic pizza bread to share, four portions of chips, four bowls of pasta, cous cous and salad, our little pots of sauce and drinks!

punch tavern
When the chef bought the pots of sauce, he bet the children they couldn’t eat their whole pizza and made them laugh-and my son took great glee in finding him after we’d finished, to brag that he had in fact, actually eaten the entire thing (including chips!)

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punch tavern punch tavern punch tavern punch tavern

Throughout our meal, we were asked if everything was ok and if we needed anything else-I really felt that we were being looked after and cared for.  I know what some of you may be thinking-we were there to review the food, and the staff knew that.  However, I observed throughout our two hours in the restaurant, each customer being given the same treatment-it really felt like the staff go above and beyond for everyone.

When we’d made our way through the ton of food-and myself and Olivia had decided we’d had enough pizza (we were saving space for pudding really), we were asked by a waitress if we’d like to take the rest of our food home.  She brought us over two pizza boxes which I thought was a lovely extra touch-and, as it was only 6pm on a Saturday evening, knew I’d be ploughing into the leftover pizza later on that night!

punch tavern

As I say, we knew we wanted pudding, but the children have zero idea of how to make sure they don’t overeat, and, with a 30 minute drive home, I really didn’t want to risk them having a pudding each, for them to shovel it in and end with me seeing it again on the way home!

We ended up choosing three desserts, partly so we could all have a bit of each one, partly because we’re indecisive when it comes to puddings, and partly (the one we convinced ourselves of) because we were reviewing the menu, so three puddings was perfectly justified!

punch tavern

We ordered the Banana and Chocolate Sweetizza, The Sweet Belgian Waffle, and the mini Terry’s Chocolate Orange Doughballs.

punch tavern punch tavern punch tavern

I haven’t got many words that actually could describe just how amazing these three  desserts were.  I don’t think any of us spoke during the time we were eating them, and a couple of times myself and my husband just burst into giggles, like children having a sugar rush (which in fairness we probably were).



First of all, let me give you my 7 year olds verdict-because as we left, and got in the car to go home, he told me it was the best meal he’d ever had out with us-and do you know what, I’d be inclined to agree with him.

So often, meals out are let down by so many factors-cost against quality, rude or miserable staff, unclean restaurants, or lack of variety on the menu.

Not only were the meals amazing, the staff wonderful and the entire restaurant just lovely, we came out happy-and have said completely honestly, we couldn’t find one fault for the whole evening.

I would 100% recommend this restaurant to anyone wanting an affordable, delicious meal, in beautiful surroundings, being served by lovely people.

Thank you The Punch Tavern-we’ll most definitely be back!!!!!!

Check out more information about The Punch Tavern, and their delicious menu choices-including a carvery section!  Visit their website HERE!


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