Shadow Switch-Dry Brush Cleaner Review

I was sent this AMAZING new product from Beauty Essentials.
It’s called a Dry Brush Cleaner-and I’d be lying if I said I had any idea what that was or how to use it, IMG_8440prior to getting it sent to me.

It turns out, it’s not only super easy to use, but it’s so absolutely amazingly brilliant I couldn’t wait to review it!

The product itself is a little tin, the size of your palm, and imbedded inside is a black sponge with the cleaning product within it.


To clean your brush, you simply pop the bristles into the sponge, inside the tin, swirl it around a little bit and it’s clean!


So, the idea of it, is the ability to use several shades of eye-shadow on the same brush!

To test it out, I used a black eye-shadow, then cleaned the brush and added a white shade. There was no dark colour in the light, and the brush didn’t feel any different, or look damaged or coated in a product as is often the way with brush cleaners.  I was able to use the next shade immediately after cleaning the first shade off of the brush.

It’s also super easy to clean your Shadow Switch-just use warm water and fragrance free soap, then leave until completely dry.

Personally, the fact I can use the amount of shades I use in one make up sitting, with only one brush, is a massive time-saver in my busy ol’ life!
And, at only £5.99, it’s also so affordable and worth every penny!

You can buy your own one here-go do it-go do it now!!!!!

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