Soap & Glory™ Kick Ass™ Blur and Brighten Crayon

After many years of the same style and brand of concealer, I decided to try something different!

Soap and Glory’s description of this product is that it’s a multi action concealer, which blurs imperfections and banishes shadows leaving a long lasting, flawless finish.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure at first on whether this one would match up to my previous trusty-old concealers, when looking at the colour before I put it on my face it looked too light, and when applying it, it felt very greasy and like it would slide off.

However, once it was on, it somehow dries and covers all at once, without clumping up dry areas (something I have a major issue with-especially around my nose.)

It brightened the very dark circles underneath my eyes (2 children will do that to a woman), and covered with ease the mountain of face that has decided to set up camp on my cheek!

Overall I am really pleased with this product!  At £6 it is about 3 times the amount I’d usually pay for a concealer, but personally I think we’ll worth the money (plus Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on all Soap and Glory products at the moment).  Giving this one a firm 10/10!!

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