Children’s literature-Storytime Magazine-Review and Giveaway!

If you’re like us (and I’m pretty sure like most of the worlds parents), you have story time as part of your bedtime routine.

I’m always after new stories, new books, and new concepts to shake story time up a little, so, when I was sent two magazines from Storytime, I knew the children (and I) would love them!

Who are Storytime?

“There is no greater joy than getting lost in a good story.”

Storytime is one of the UK’s biggest subscription magazines for kids.
In every edition, Storytime magazine, is packed with stories for boys and girls of all ages.  There are no adverts, no plastic tat sellotaped to the front, and is of such great quality, you can keep them forever!

StorytimeThe stories included, vary from fairy tales, myths, fables, stories from different cultures and tales from new authors.  Each story is combined with beautiful, specially commissioned, full colour illustrations, and there are even puzzles, activities, games and colouring included!

Storytime runs as a social enterprise.  Profit is reinvested to support parents in spending more time reading with their children.  They also work with schools, councils and other organisations, to improve the literacy of families across the UK.

Find out more about Storytime HERE!


Our Magazines.

StorytimeWe received two magazines-one with Tom Thumb on, and one with The Frog Prince on.  Both included many stories, activities and puzzles, and lasted us for ages, as we read one story per night.  My son, initially assumed the stories were “just for girls”, but once he saw the content, he was as into the fairy tales and stories from around the world, as his sister was!

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Storytime magazines are available on varying subscription offers!


You can try Storytime for half price-the first 4 issues priced at only £2 each!


You can also get three issues for just £9.99 -Storytime’s BEST deal – saving 29% with 12 issues for just £33.99.  There are 3, 6, 12 and 24 month plans available.


Alternatively, you can save 20% with 12 issues for just £37.99.
There are also gift subscriptions available.

All subscription offers are able to be paid by debit card, credit card, and PayPal.

To find out about this, and all the above offers, click HERE!


They also offer Storytime kids magazine subscriptions all over the world! Click HERE to find out more.

Want to win some?

Here’s your chance to win your own Storytime bundle!  Worth £13.99, you will receive 4 magazines in your bundle-and, as Storytime are feeling extra generous, there will be three winners!!!

To enter, use the Gleam widget below!

Storytime Magazine Bundle for Kids!

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56 thoughts on “Children’s literature-Storytime Magazine-Review and Giveaway!

  1. Rachel says:

    These look great for my little bookworm! It would mean we can have more variety in our stories instead of the same old books all the time!

  2. charlotte wilde says:

    These look so great and i would LOVE to win some, my sister in America has something like this and i was smitten when i lsat saw her, my nieces were very fussy showing them to me!

  3. Maggie Ali says:

    I 100% agree with saying that “There is no greater joy than getting lost in a good story.”
    We love reading in our house and very often discuss the books we’ve read.

  4. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    Never too old for a story and these look amazing. Something you can enjoy time and time again. Especially love the colourful images and the idea that you aren’t spending money on the rubbish you can get on the front with some magazines. It looks like you are paying for what YOU want rather than what THEY want. Great idea.

  5. Danielle Graves says:

    the mags look great, I’ve looked at them a couple of times on the newstand website but always ended up option for one of the more popular mags featuring a well known character.

  6. Kate Davies says:

    These look great, my son is 5 so still loves a bedtime story but also likes to read for a bit too. These look perfect for those just starting to read independently.

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