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We were very kindly sent a ‘sand free’ beach towel from Tesalate, just in time for the heatwave and many beach trips with the children!

Who are Tesalate?

An Australian company-the idea for Tesalate came from founders; Jacky Lam and Volkan Ozbek, when they were taking a hike to a secluded beach at the Royal National Park in Sydney.
When it was time to head back, their towel was wet, heavy, and worst of all sandy.  They started questioning if they could make a towel that not only performed much better but looked amazing too.
Fast forward 18 months of researching, designing, stressing, crying, and laughing, and Tesalate was launched at Bondi Beach Markets. From those humble beginnings, Tesalate has grown fast and has sold to over 70 countries in its first 12 months.


What do Tesalate claim the towels feature?

Tesalate claim the towels are sand free-you can basically leave the beach, at the beach.  Additionally, they come in various vibrant designs, are compact once folded, and are ultra absorbent (they absorb over 1 litre of water.
They’re also rapid-drying-they take half the time of a regular beach towel.

Each one is a full sized beach towel, and all are made from Tesalate’s exclusive AbsorbLite fabric.


So how did our towel measure up?

The first thing I noticed about our Tesalate beach towel, was the quality.  As soon as it came out of the bag that’s included, you could feel how good the fabric was, and the thickness shows you how absorbent it is going to be before you even use it.
Because of the thickness however, I was dubious about how the sand was going to be “left at the beach”, but we took it to a family beach get together to test (and to get others opinions).

Initially, we just used it to dry people off after they’d come out of the sea-I was intrigued as to how many people it would dry considering it’s supposed to hold 1 litre of water!  It was a success!  It genuinely dried anyone from my family who came out of the sea, including my very soggy children who went back in again and again.

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Because it had got so wet during that time, we hung it on the back of a chair and decided not to test it on the sand because I felt it should be dry to give it a fair go at being “sand free”.

Obviously here in the UK we’re in the middle of a major heatwave though, and so the next opportunity to test the towel came long three days later when we took a trip with friends to our local beach.
There was a jellyfish warning in place that day-so the sea was a no-go, which meant a perfect time to test the towel properly!

I lay it down and watched as the children walked sand over it, and inevitably it got caught up under the sand until we left.
Unfortunately, that’s where it fell short of the claims made about it being “sand free”.  There was still a ton of sand on it when we got home, even after attempts to shake and brush it off before we left the beach.


So how much are Tesalate’s beach towels?

This is another small issue in my opinion-I think even if the whole “sand free” thing worked as well as it’s claimed to-along with the other features that actually do work-the £45 price tag is a little too much for a towel.

However, because the towel idea originated from Australia, I and members of my family did discuss how it probably gets more use out there, and therefore will be worth the price tag, because the people using it are getting their money’s worth.

As I said above, they are ultra absorbent, and very quick drying-I’d also like to add that the vibrancy of the towel we were sent (Heartbeats) was stunning, and even that proved a talking point among family and friends during it’s outings.

Tesalate have a UK website, and ship quickly from Australia, so definitely head over and check out the other gorgeous patterns they have on offer, by visiting their website HERE!



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