Totally blogging about a pudding….

This blog may be a little off topic for anything I’ve written about before. 

This is about a dessert!

This time last year I was in a different home, a pretty rubbish one actually, but there was a positive to living there. Across the road there was an Aldi. I did my weekly shopping there every week, and saved so much money! 

Then the Christmas stock came in. 

I pretty much bought the majority of the Christmas stuff (to test you understand). 

One of the things was a Banoffee Pie. Not just any Banoffee pie. The most amazing Banoffee pie I’ve ever tasted in my entire life! 

I ate the first one in two days. And returned that second day to purchase another! At £2.99 per pie I did think I should maybe curb the  addiction but by the end of December I’d lost count of how many I’d eaten! **

At the end of December I went to do my weekly food shop (and buy another pie). The worst had happened. They’d run out. I went in a few days after. Still none in there. 

My mother in law, adamant she’d bought one, told me I could take it home with me when I saw her next. 

Turns out she’d bought one from another shop. I took it home, I willed it to be the same as the Aldi one. It didn’t make a dent in the other one. 

Fast forward one year since the first time I bought one, and I’ve moved house, so am further away from Aldi, so I shop elsewhere. 

The husband had the day off today so I made him take me to Aldi for my weekly food shop. 

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(You can all see where this is going can’t you….)


Not only that, but they’re on offer! £2.69!

In conclusion;

  1. I am over the moon with my purchases today. 
  2. Yes you read right. Purchases. I bought two. 
  3. I am eternally thankful to Aldi for their amazing Banoffee pie (and to offer my freezer for any pies left over in any store anywhere! ***

Go buy this pudding!!!!

**I would like to point out I don’t promote eating so many pies you can’t remember how many you’ve eaten. 

***This blog is a light hearted insight into my thrilling life-where pudding is high up on my list of things that make me happy!

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